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As part of your studies at the University of Kassel, you will have to complete a mandatory internship during your bachelor's degree. The mandatory internship is an essential component of your qualification for the job market. You will gain first insights into professional fields, develop your individual career perspectives, apply what you have learned during your studies and establish networks that are important for your career entry after graduation.

The compulsory internship is anchored as a module in your examination regulations and must comply with the general regulations for internship modules.
On this page you will find all important information about the mandatory internship.

If you have any questions, please contact the internship coordination of the department 05:


Further event information

You can also find events on the topic of internships at the university team of the Employment Agency and the Career Service of the University of Kassel and on the joint website of the internship coordinations "Praktikum & Perspektiven".

FAQ Compulsory internship

You have to register your internship at the internship coordination of the FB05 of the University of Kassel. To do so, download the form "Registration Internship", fill it out legibly and hand it in signed by the supervising teacher to the Internship Coordination.

For the "registration" of the internship you need a teacher who will supervise your internship and read and evaluate the internship report. In principle, all teachers of your major subject are eligible for supervision. However, a few restrictive rules apply: In History, the supervising teacher must have a PhD. In politics and sociology, all full-time lecturers and all research assistants who have completed four or more semesters of teaching are eligible.

It is best to contact the teacher of your choice by e-mail and briefly describe where you would like to do an internship and whether the teacher can imagine supervising your internship.

You can find a list of all the authorized examiners for the bachelor's program here:

Before you start your internship you have to register it with the form "Registration Internship". After you have successfully completed your internship, you must either hand in the "Internship Certificate" form or submit an internship certificate together with your internship report to the supervising teacher.

In addition, you can support us and your fellow students by submitting the form "Brief Information Internship" to the internship coordinator. With the feedback of your experiences during the internship it is possible for us to pass on valuable information about internships to your fellow students and to improve our future consultations.

As part of your practical module, you will have to write a report in history, and in sociology and political science you will have to submit a course assignment and a term paper. The formal requirements can be found in your examination regulations. Talk to the lecturers of your practical module about the requirements for your course work and discuss your examination performance with the supervising lecturer. Depending on the requirements, you will have to meet different standards. General guidelines for the preparation of reports can be found in the downloads. More detailed tips for writing reports and term papers can be found in our handbook Guess What.

It may be that a course accompanying your internship module must be taken and completed for the mandatory internship. The concept of the events is continuously adapted. As a rule, the course is divided into two block dates. In the first block the internship is usually discussed in advance and in the second block it is discussed afterwards. Rarely do the block dates fit perfectly so that they frame your mandatory internship. If you are unsure when is the best time to attend the course, you should ask the person responsible for the module or write to the person who is currently holding the accompanying course. At the end of the course you usually have to hand in a study performance. The form of the course work can also vary and should always be discussed with the person with whom you are doing the work.

Some companies require a certificate from you before you start a compulsory internship, which "proves" that the internship is a university-related compulsory internship, which you have to complete as part of your studies. You can easily get this certificate from us, the internship coordination of the FB05.

In order to prepare such a certificate, we only need the following information from you: Full name, date of birth as well as the information what you are studying in the main subject and under which examination regulations. We will then send you the completed certificate by e-mail.

You can complete your internship on a part-time basis. Depending on the reasons why you decide on a part-time model, your mandatory internship will be extended. For example, if you work 20 hours a week, your internship will last 16 weeks instead of 8. At the end, you must have completed 320 hours.

You can complete the internship at two internship locations or at different times. However, please note that both internships must not be shorter than 6 weeks.

If you fall ill during your internship, you must submit a sick note to the internship supervisor. Please also refer to the respective regulations of your internship supervisor. You should make up the absences to a reasonable extent in order to fulfill the workload required for the internship to be recognized.

For an internship abroad you should always plan a longer preparation time and check the financing possibilities. The International Office offers a wide range of information and advice for all of you who can imagine an internship abroad. The Career Service can also advise you on planning an internship abroad. There is a wide range of funding opportunities available for an internship abroad. You can find an overview at the DAAD, for example. Furthermore, it is worthwhile to contact lecturers directly who have international interfaces in their teaching. The Faculty 05 of the University of Kassel also offers an interface for international affairs under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Aram Ziai.

Compulsory internships as part of your studies are not treated as employment relationships, but are part of your education (this is different for voluntary internships). In the case of a paid internship, you do not have to pay social security contributions. However, if your income is too high (the income limit for a compulsory internship is 360 euros), you may no longer be covered by the statutory health insurance. A brochure on the subject of "Rights and obligations during an internship" has been published by the German Federation of Trade Unions (DGB), among others.

While you are in your compulsory internship as stipulated by the study and examination regulations, you are generally insured against accidents by your internship provider during this period. Since this internship is part of your education, you are not entitled to remuneration or vacation. If you are paid for your internship, this is considered income. If you are receiving BAföG, the internship pay is usually counted in full towards BAföG payments. The tax-free allowance for income from gainful employment etc. does not apply in this case. What you do not have to pay, however, are social security contributions. In any case, you should contact your BAföG advisor before starting your internship.

Advice on BAföG is available at the University of Kassel, for example at the AStA or the Studierendenwerk.

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