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The critical study of the past provides you with insights into possible courses of action for the present. Those who understand the study of history in this way know that it is not just about grasping past events and dates, but about asking the right questions of our past. In the teacher training programs, you will learn how to deal academically with topics relevant to the present and to reflect on them, but also how to prepare and convey aspects of the past in a way that is specific to the target group. In this way, you will learn how to adapt teaching content to the individual learning needs of your future students.

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The subject History can be studied in the teacher training programs Haupt- und Realschullehramt (L2) and Gymnasiallehramt (L3), in the teacher training program at elementary schools it can be chosen as a focus in the subject Sachunterricht. At the beginning of your studies, the teacher training programs at the University of Kassel offer you introductions to the methods of scientific work as well as subject-specific historical research on all epochs. The combination of lectures and seminars enables you to first gain an overview of selected topics and then to work on thematic aspects in greater depth. In addition, the social relevance of dealing with the past and history is discussed in specialized didactic seminars on "historical culture"; seminars on historical thinking and learning address questions of communicating historical knowledge in schools and in public. Practical experience with the implementation of methodological concepts in the classroom is gained in the context of school internships and in the practical school studies (SPS).

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For the teaching profession at Gymnasiums (L3), knowledge of Latin is required, which must be proven by the intermediate examination at the latest. The department offers courses on this regularly.

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