Living for help Kassel/Witzenhausen

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Living for Help Kassel/Witzenhausen

In the "Living for Help" project, people from Kassel/Witzenhausen offer living space for students. In return, however, they do not expect money, but a little support in everyday life.

Prerequisites for those providing housing:

  • You have free living space
  • You would like to give students a place to stay
  • You can imagine living with a younger person under one roof 
  • You would like support in everyday matters

Prerequisites for students:

  • You are a registered student or student at the University of Kassel.
  • You bring social commitment with you
  • You are interested in living together with other people

Contact for housing providers and housing seekers:

"Housing for help" in Kassel:
AStA of the University of Kassel
Sandra Parker
University Square 10
34127 Kassel
By e-mail: or by telephone: 0561-8042886

"Living for help" in Witzenhausen:
Diakonisches Werk Werra-Meißner
Church general social and life counseling
Karin Weinsberg
Walburgerstr. 49a
37213 Witzenhausen
By e-mail:
Phone: 05542-911170

Current offers

No news available.

Offer 1

1 room apartment, furnished,  approx. 12 m with separate kitchen and separate bathroom in Baunatal

RENT: 150 €

Requested help: Gardening, small repairs, possibly help with PC

Public transport: Tram line 5 to the terminus

Offer 2

2 room apartment, furnished, approx. 55 sqm (a separate small house) with kitchenette, washing machine, dryer and separate bathroom

Location: KS, Warteberg district

Utilities: 100 €, depending on consumption  Deposit: 600 €

Requested help: Gardening, small repairs, possibly shopping, pet care

10 minutes by bike to the HoPla campus

Offer 3

2 room apartment, approx. 42 sqm, unfurnished (furniture and cooking facilities/sink can be placed in the rooms by arrangement or you can bring your own furniture) with separate shower/WC

Location: Vellmar

Utilities: € 180 flat rate    Deposit: € 300

Requested help: Gardening, small repairs, shopping

Public transportation: Line 1

Offer 4

1 room, furnished, approx. 16 sqm with separate shower/WC and shared kitchen

Location: Niestetal

NK: 200,- € flat rate 

Requested help: Gardening

Public transport: Bus no. 30, 32

Offer 5

2-room apartment, partly furnished, approx. 34 sqm with separate shower/WC (a kitchenette can be set up by arrangement)

Location: Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe

Utilities: 200,- € all-inclusive, deposit: 400,- €

Requested help: Gardening, small repairs

Public transportation: Bus no. 52, 11

Offer 6

1 room, furnished, approx. 16 sqm with separate shower/WC with cooking facilities or shared kitchen

Location: Vellmar

rent: 220,- € all-inclusive, deposit: 440,- €

Requested help: Gardening, small repairs, 

Public transport: Line 1, bus 43

Offer 7

2 rooms, furnished, approx. 18 sqm with separate shower/WC and kitchen

Location: Fuldatal

NK: 200,- € flat rate

Requested help: Gardening, small repairs

Public transport:  Bus 42, Tram 6