Semester ticket

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What is the semester ticket?

A semester ticket is a ticket for local public transport (ÖPNV), which can be purchased by students of a college or university for a certain period of time. The semester ticket is usually valid for one semester or half a year and allows students unlimited use of public transport in the respective transport association or even beyond.

The cost of the semester ticket is usually included in the semester fee that students must pay at the beginning of each semester. This makes the semester ticket mandatory for all students, even if they do not use it. The advantage of the semester ticket is that it is very inexpensive compared to other public transport tickets and allows students a high degree of mobility and flexibility.

The semester ticket is an example of a service that can be provided by the AStA to offer added value to students.

Germany ticket for students

The AStA at the University of Kassel as well as the NVV and the KVG as mobility partners have worked out a solution for an upgrade of the semester ticket to the "Deutschlandticket". This semester ticket upgrade offers enrolled students at the University of Kassel the cost-effective option for mobility throughout Germany.

Germany ticket for students: Forward

Where can I use the ticket?

The semester ticket is valid in the entire area of the Nordhessischer VerkehrsVerbund (NVV),
as well as on the following individual routes and tariff areas:

  • Bebra - Herleshausen - Eisenach (Cantus)
  • Bad Hersfeld - Fulda (RB 5, RE 50)
  • RMV - tariff zone 2001 (Fulda)
  • Schwalmstadt - Marburg and Burgwald-Ersthausen - Marburg (RE 30, RB 41, RE 98, RB 42)
  • RMV tariff zone 0501 (Marburg)
  • Warburg - Paderborn (RE 11 and RB89)
    The semester ticket is not recognized on the Altenbeken - Paderborn section of the RB 84 "Eggebahn"  line.
  • Bus line network in tariff zone 7700 (Paderborn - Eichenberg - Göttingen)

Refund of the semester ticket

A semester ticket refund refers to the ability for students to receive a refund for the semester ticket they usually pay as part of their tuition. The semester ticket allows students to use public transportation in a specific area or state for a period of one or more semesters.

A refund of the semester ticket can be requested for various reasons, such as a semester abroad, an internship or an interruption of studies for health reasons.

Semester ticket reimbursement must be submitted each semester. 

The submission deadline begins on: 15.03.2023 

The deadlines for application are: 30.04. for the SoSe and 31.10. for the WiSe.   

Missing documents can still be submitted up to 2 weeks after this deadline.

Here is the list of semester ticket refund reasons with the respective proofs

  1. semester abroad: proof of semester abroad required
  2. internship: proof of an internship of at least 3 months outside the Semesterticket area.
  3. severe disability: copy of the severely disabled person's identity card as well as a current token
  4. no attendance requirement (degree/promotion): Proof of residence outside the semester ticket area as well as proof from the examination office that attendance is no longer compulsory.
  5. semester on leave: proof of semester on leave
  6. illness: proof of sick leave of more than 3 months in the previous semester
  7. cooperative study program: copy of semester ticket of the University of Applied Sciences Fulda
  8. double enrollment: copy of the semester ticket of the other university
  9. social hardship: bank statements of the last 3 months, proof of rent of the apartment, certificate of enrollment, proof of housing subsidy (if available) and BAfÖG proof (if available). With child: Birth certificate and matriculation certificate are sufficient. There is no deadline for social hardship! The application can be submitted retroactively for up to one semester.

Reason for refund Landes- and Hessenticket, Deutschlandticket

On 5. 4.2023, the student parliament decided that applications for reimbursement of the semester ticket will be accepted again for the reimbursement reason Landes- or Hessenticket.

The following conditions apply:

  • There will be a processing fee in the amount of approximately + - 20€.
  • All submitted applications for this refund reason must be complete, correct, legible and have a copy of the Landes- or Hessenticket attached.
  • There is no grace period
  • Incorrect applications will not be processed and will be sorted out without notification. Please note our office hours for possible queries.

A refund of the difference between Semesterticket and Deutschlandticket is not possible. We ask you to refrain from making inquiries to the university or AStA in this regard.

Request for refund

Currently there is no possibility to submit an online application. However, this is being planned and will be available again in the future. You can submit your applications by e-mail, send them by mail, hand them in personally to Mrs. Parker during office hours or in the secretary's office or drop them in the mailbox of the AStA.

We ask that you refrain from all inquiries regarding semester ticket reimbursement. This can only lead to further delays. We will complete the processing as quickly as possible.

You are also welcome to contact us at the following e-mail addresses: rueckerstattung[at]asta.uni-kassel[dot]de