Student university policy

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How does the university work?

At the top is the elected presidium of the university (the university management). As a rule, there is also a university council - consisting of external personalities. The university council accompanies internal decisions with opinions and recommendations. The highest body is the Senate. Here the central groups are represented. In the Senate, important decisions are made in the areas of university policy, research, teaching and studies, and the university's basic regulations. In addition, there are other committees and offices at the central and decentralized levels. At the decentralized levels of the departments, the most important bodies are the Dean' s Office and the Departmental Council.

Some bodies and offices have decision-making authority; other bodies (committees, commissions) have an advisory function. For example, an appointment committee recommends the most suitable candidate to the university management, but the decision-making power lies with the university management. Participation in university committees is one of the duties of professors. However, scientific and non-scientific employees as well as students are also represented in the committees.

How do we organize ourselves?


the executive body of the student body

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Theme- or group-led work areas

Units: Forward


the decision-making assembly of the student body

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Lists and elections

Political groups and election procedures

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Professional Associations

the union of the students of a department or a study program

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Plenary meeting

Assembly of all bodies

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And what can we do?