The Student Parliament (Stupa)

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What is the Student Parliament?

The student parliament (also called student representation or student council) is a democratically elected organization of students that advocates for the interests and needs of students at their university. The student parliament is usually elected for one year and consists of members elected by the student body of the university.

The main task of the student parliament is to represent the interests of the students to the university management, politicians and other organizations. This includes issues such as improving study conditions, increasing financial support for students, strengthening student participation, promoting cultural activities and organizing social events for students.

The student parliament works closely with other student organizations such as student councils and university groups, and also represents students on a national and international level in various committees and organizations.

Announcement of the next meeting

The main committee will meet online on 06.03.24 at 18:00.
The Zoom link to the meeting can be found below this announcement.


Provisional meeting schedule for SS24

17.04.24 18:00 in the student house

08.05.24 18:00 in the student house

29.05.24 18:00 in the student house

19.06.24 18:00 in the student house

The meeting calendar will be adjusted as required, formal announcements and invitations to the respective meetings will continue to be made in the usual way.

Archive of invitations and minutes