Catholic theology (minor)

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Theology keeps open the existential questions that other sciences usually leave untouched. Like hardly any other subject, it challenges us to put our own values to the test and to develop well-founded ideological and ethical positions. In this, it takes into account an obviously ineradicable human need: to believe.

Like philosophy, scientific theology deals with Kant's four famous questions: What can I know? What may I hope? What am I to do? What is man? It deals with these questions in confrontation with the (textual) material of the Bible and Christian tradition, in which experiences from almost 3000 years have found expression. It inquires into the content of this tradition both from a literary-scientific-exegetical and philosophical-argumentative point of view, both historically and practically related to the present. At the Institute of Catholic Theology, we understand the biblical and Christian tradition as a resource that can become significant in an ecclesiastical-Christian but also in a religious-plural and secular environment for thinking about people today and the search for guidelines for personal and social action.
The program begins with a methodological and content-related introduction to the four subject areas of Catholic theology (biblical, systematic, historical and practical theology). This is followed by in-depth study in two subject areas of the student's choice. Another in-depth module is both interdisciplinary and interreligious in orientation.
Admission requirements for the Bachelor of Catholic Theology as a minor subject is admission to a Bachelor of Arts major subject. Commencement is in the winter semester each year, but may be in the summer semester if necessary. The Institute of Catholic Theology in Kassel is characterized by a personal and approachable atmosphere as well as intensive support from the teaching staff.

At a glance

Start: Winter semester

Duration/Scope: 6 semesters

Language of instruction: German

Admission restriction (NC): No

Special feature:

As part of the BA minor, students can choose the "Interreligious Competence" study profile to focus on interreligious competence.

Access requirement

For this degree program you need one of the following degrees:

A good overview of the various degrees and their differences can be found on the website "Zugangsvoraussetzungen" of the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art.

Combination Bachelor

This program is a "combination bachelor": you take "Catholic Theology" as a minor and also study another major.