How is the study program structured?

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During the first semesters, students acquire a broad basic knowledge from all natural science disciplines and familiarize themselves with the approach to interdisciplinary problems. They also learn about application areas, fields of activity and research directions of nanostructure sciences and nanotechnology. 

Starting in the third and fourth semesters, students can choose at least two of three natural sciences as focus modules (nanochemistry, nanophysics or nanobiology). More than twenty elective modules are available for further specialization, e.g. "Hybrid Materials", "Nanostructural Analysis of Building Materials", "Nanophotonics" or "Neurobiology".

The elective program also includes a professional internship in a company or non-university institution as well as interdisciplinary key competencies such as language courses that can prepare students for a period of study abroad at one of our partner universities. 

Study plan (exemplary)

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