Philosophy: Environment - Society - Criticism (Master)

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The master's program "Philosophy: Environment - Society - Criticism" opens up a new interdisciplinary approach to philosophy. The main focus is on how knowledge and philosophy can be applied in a contemporary way within the framework of forward-looking critical reflection in order to reshape ecological and social contexts.

Climate change, extinction of species, scarcity of resources on a global scale: these are the urgent potential threats to our interaction with nature. The inner connection of these dangers with a global growth paradigm, the momentum of technical developments and imperially oriented social relationships is increasingly coming into focus. There is a fundamental need for action here, which includes basic philosophical reflection. For in the relevant fields of action, such as climate protection, nature conservation, species protection or animal welfare, it is becoming increasingly clear that common demarcations have been abolished. Thus, the protection of the environment must be considered together with the way in which social life is organized, since it is necessary to overcome classic oppositions such as that of nature and society.

This is where the master's program in philosophy comes in. It is oriented towards an increased demand for philosophical expertise in the field of environmental debates (philosophy of nature and environmental ethics) as well as critical social analysis. In particular, it takes into account the interaction and interlocking of both areas, as this represents an essential desideratum.

The goal of the program is the formation of a research-oriented and interdisciplinary reflective competence on current topics in environmental and social theory, based on solid philosophical expertise. Students acquire knowledge and content-related competencies in the following areas:

- Natural Philosophy
- environmental theory and environmental ethics
- philosophical anthropology
- cultural theory and aesthetics
- critical social theory and politics.

Working closely with relevant disciplines, the master's program ensures cross-disciplinary competence and critical potential, which are most in demand in today's dynamic knowledge society in academic and many non-academic professional fields. The program thus offers both the qualification for doctoral studies and entry into research, as well as numerous career prospects beyond the academic environment.

At a glance

Degree: Master of Arts

Start: Winter semester

Language of instruction: German

Duration/Scope: 4 semesters

Admission restriction (NC): No


The study program grants an interdisciplinary practice already in the education. Graduates from a wide variety of disciplines are accepted into the program. In addition, a variety of subjects are actively involved in the study program.

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in philosophy or subject equivalent or proof of another professional university degree with academic achievements in philosophyKnowledge
  • of the
  • English language at the level B1 (CEFR
  • )Knowledge of another relevant foreign language at the level B1 (CEFR)<
  • /ul

Application and enrollment procedure for the winter semester

Application with German certificates

Application Deadline:

annually 01.06. - 01.09.

You apply for this degree program via our online application portal "eCampus".

How do I apply for this study program?

Application with foreign certificates

Application deadline

with foreign certificates:
annually 01.03. - 15.07.

If you are not yet studying at the University of Kassel or another university in Germany, but have obtained a first professional Bachelor's degree abroad, you must apply via the central assessment office in Berlin, uni-assist.

How do I apply with a foreign certificate?

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