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The agony of choice is great - also for those interested in science and technology: mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology. What should you choose? The orientation study plusMINT brings the above-mentioned fields of study under one roof and enables entry into a bachelor's degree program that qualifies students for a wide range of exciting and future-oriented jobs.

Students learn about the various STEM subjects in a two-semester orientation phase, consolidate their basic knowledge and acquire interdisciplinary skills before starting the six- to seven-semester major.

The orientation phase consists of tutorials and workshops to support study and career planning and the acquisition of key competencies, propaedeutic and subject-specific courses, STEM projects, and an interdisciplinary lecture series. Starting in the third semester, students majoring in civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, mathematics, mechatronics, nanostructure science, physics, technomathematics, or environmental engineering take one of the classic bachelor's programs from the STEM spectrum.

Students who first want to test their inclination and talent should consider a plusMINT degree program: The orientation phase not only compensates for inequalities in prior knowledge and educational requirements. It is intended to increasingly encourage all prospective students, regardless of their educational background and gender, to take the plunge into a science and technology degree program. The plusMINT study program allows qualified study decisions to be made and thus increases the chances of successful completion.

At a glance

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Start: Winter semester

Duration/Scope: 8 semesters
(or 9 semesters for the majors Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Engineering)

Language of instruction: German

Admission restriction (NC): No

Selectable majors

Civil Engineering
Electrical engineering
Computer science
Mechanical Engineering
Nanostructural Sciences
Environmental Engineering

Interdisciplinary courses

Combining theory and practice

Studying in a practical alliance in the respective field of study from the 3rd semester onwards

Combining theory and practice: Read More

Access requirement

For this degree program you need one of the following degrees:

A good overview of the various degrees and their differences can be found on the website "Zugangsvoraussetzungen" of the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art.

Orientation studies may be funded under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG)

Application and enrollment procedure for the winter semester

Application with German certificates

Application deadline

annually 01.06. - 01.09.

You apply for this degree program via our online application portal "eCampus".

How do I apply for this study program?

Application with foreign certificates

Application deadline

with foreign certificates:
annually 01.03. - 15.07.

With a  school-leaving certificate acquiredabroad, you must apply via the central assessment office in Berlin, uni-assist.

How do I apply for this study program?

Information and advice


For any general admission questions, please contact our information desk.

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