Product Design (Diploma)

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Design permeates our everyday lives. No matter what people do, it is always products that accompany them: Whether as technical devices, as industrial products, in the form of furniture, clothing, accessories, or even analog and digital spaces and entire systems - design is omnipresent and often responsible for how people structure their everyday lives, how they maintain social relationships, and how they assign value to experiences.

Against this background, the job description of designers has professionalized into a complex field of activity. Whereas in earlier times the design of everyday things was primarily a matter of tradition, today it is considered a cultural technique that requires a wide variety of skills. Imaginativeness and craftsmanship are combined with a broad knowledge of materials, technologies, manufacturing processes and aesthetic developments - and last but not least, a critical knowledge of social, societal and political conditions is required! The Product Design program at the Kunsthochschule Kassel integrates all of these areas. In projects and seminars, students learn how things are designed, tested in prototypes and finally brought to fruition. They work in close contact with the professors of the course, access a variety of workshops and digital tools at the Kunsthochschule and thus have the opportunity to gradually develop their own ideas. An endowed professorship on the work of Lucius Burckhardt as well as a project professorship awarded annually to an internationally outstanding design personality complete the range of courses. 

At a glance

Degree: Diploma (equivalent to a Master's degree in a design subject).

Start: Winter semester

Duration/scope: 9 semesters

Language of instruction: German

Preliminary craft internship

Access requirement

For this degree program you need one of the following degrees:

A good overview of the various degrees and their differences can be found on the website "Zugangsvoraussetzungen" of the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art.

Preliminary internship

Applicants to study must provide evidence of a pre-study internship in a skilled trade of 9 months. They should have completed at least two months of the internship before the start of their studies (mid-October) . Those who have already completed a craft apprenticeship in the fields of woodworking, metalworking or textile processing are no longer required to complete an internship.

Entrance examination

The application procedure for all artistic and design degree programs includes taking an entrance exam. You can only enroll in this degree program after passing the entrance exam. 

Admission may also be possible without a certificate of general qualification for university entrance if an outstanding artistic talent has been established in the aptitude test.

Application deadline for the entrance exam

For deadlines and more detailed information on the qualifying exam and portfolio advising, please visit the School of Art page.

Application deadline for the entrance exam: Forward

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For any general admission questions, please contact our information desk.

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