Minor in operational personnel and organizational development

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Business Personnel and Organizational Development (BPO) is a minor in the master's program in business education. It consists of three modules:


  • Module 1: Work Organization (14 credits).
  • Module 2: Personnel and organizational development (14 credits)
  • Module 3: Project "Practical Research/Supervision" with internship (18 credits)


The target group for this minor is graduates of the Bachelor's program in Business Education who do not wish to enter the teaching profession after completing the Master's program, but who would like to find employment in personnel development or in company training and continuing education.
The minor in BPO is chosen in place of the minor from the bachelor's program. In exceptional cases, you may also study BPO as a "third" subject. In this case, however, only one minor will appear on your transcript (the minor you complete first). All other achievements can be found in the overview of achievements.
Module descriptions can be found in the Module Handbook Business Education.
For questions about the minor BPO that are not answered by the FAQ attached below, please contact:

Dr. Juliane Dieterich
Tel.: 0561 804 4557; e-mail: dieterich@uni-kassel.de


The admission requirements do not differ from those with another minor. As a rule, the admission requirement is a completed bachelor's degree in business education with a 5-week school internship and at least 48 weeks of practical work experience in a company.

Admission would only be possible if your first degree was deemed equivalent in content and you can also demonstrate 2 years of professional practice and basic pedagogical knowledge in theory and practice.

After your admission to the Master of Business and Human Resource Education with minor BPO, please make an appointment with the coordinator of the minor BPO Markus Wochnik (see above). In this introductory meeting, the general course of studies and open questions will be discussed.

Under certain conditions this is possible. Please discuss this with the minor coordinator.

No. Depending on which of the minor subjects you complete first, this will appear on your degree certificate (Master's). The achievements of the other minor subject will be listed in the transcript of achievements.

Possible recognition of courses (if they have not yet been considered in the admission procedure for the Master's degree) can be checked in the first conversation with the minor coordinator. As a general rule, you should, if possible, attend such courses that you have not yet taken in the Bachelor's degree.
If applicable, events that you have already taken in the Bachelor's degree will appear in the list of events for modules 1 and/or 2. As a rule, these are not recognized for module 1 and/or 2.

The internship (minimum 5 weeks) can be completed e.g. in personnel departments or training and further education institutions. Before starting or accepting the internship, please contact the minor coordinator to decide on the suitability of your internship position. The course of the internship and the project work will be discussed in a preliminary internship interview.