Introductory events and beginning of the studies

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This course starts in the winter semester.
Dates for the start of the course in October 2024 will be published in August 2024.
Until then, you can get an impression of last year's courses.

The most important dates and offers for the start of studies

Date: Monday 14th of October 2024
Time: 9 am
Location: Zeichensaal, Steinstraße 19, Witzenhausen
Lecturer: Ute Gilles

Dear AGES students,
we are happy to welcome you in the joint master program Agriculture, Ecology and Societies. We are looking forward to meeting you. Prior to study start, there will be an intensive introduction to your master's program to give you the best possible start into your studies.

We are looking forward meeting you!

Lecture period: 14.10.2024 - 14.02.2025
The regular courses start on Thursday, 17.10.24
Lecture-free period: 21.12.2024 up to and including 12.01.2025

The Faculty Organic Agricultural Sciences

Dear AGES Newcomers,
We hope your travel to and settlement in Witzenhausen or Kassel will be smooth - please let us know about any way we may assist during your transition.
You will be the first batch of AGES Master students, setting a path that many others will follow in the coming years. The opportunities to specialize within the program are manifold, so please make sure to get all administrative tasks out of the way before the Welcome Week. We will begin with the program introduction on the 12th of October, and you have time until the 19th to select and enroll in courses for the winter semester.
We look forward to the debates, questions and ideas you will bring!
Enjoy the late summer (it will get cold soon!), get to know the region, and also meet some of your new colleagues.
See you around,
The AGES coordination team and tutors at the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences.
Dr. Louis Thiemann

Campus Witzenhausen, Steinstraße

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