Application and admission

You would like to apply with a first professional qualification?

Ap­p­­li­­ca­­ti­on with a de­gree ear­­ned in Germany?

obtained in Germany?: Forward

Ap­p­­­li­­­ca­­­ti­on with a de­gree ear­­­ned outs­i­­de Ger­­­ma­­­ny

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Preliminary Suitability Check

The program offers a preliminary check of suitability to students with a degree from outside Germany, to see whether their applications fulfil the program requirements and could be eligible for the program. To request a suitability check, please send the following documents, preferably in one PDF document, to the program coordinators’ email address (magpe[at]uni-kassel[dot]de).

  • Copies of BA degree and Transcript of Records
    • including grades of prior and/or current studies at a university
    • indicating final grade (CGPA) as well as the minimum passing grade and the maximum grade for graduation
  • Motivation letter for studying GPED (in English) 
    • as described above
  • Proof of a voluntary or paid practical social-political work (e.g., work certificate, reference letters, etc.)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Certificates proving the required command of the English language
    • This requirement does not apply if the primary language of a former study was English.