kassel university press (kup)

  1. I am filling out a publication request. If the book is to be published in a series, this must be clarified in advance with the series editor.
  2. If I agree with the general conditions and the price calculation, a contract (German) is concluded that contains the essential key data of the publication project. Among other things, I agree to the open access publication of the online edition.
  3. I myself am responsible for delivering a manuscript that is ready for printing. kassel university press will assist by checking the file and, if necessary, providing feedback on adjustments and corrections that are necessary for an optimal printed product (formal editing). An initial manuscript file should be sent to kassel university press as early as possible in order to realistically estimate the editing requirements.
  4. For single publications, I can choose the cover for the book myself. kassel university press has a set of covers to choose from here, which can be customized. The layout in the series is predefined. Simple adaptations of the series covers or existing covers are charged at a flat rate; for individual covers, the graphic artist costs are passed on directly.
  5. After final formatting of the manuscript, a sample print will be produced for my review and subsequent approval for printing. If major corrections for which I am responsible necessitate a new sample print, these costs will be charged additionally.
  6. After approval for printing, the publication will be produced and delivered to me and, if applicable, to other addressees (series publisher, German National Library). At this time, only the copies requested by me and the deposit copies will be produced.
  7. In addition, the publication will be made available online via KOBRA and as a print version via stationary and online bookstores. Consequently, the publication will be available on the catalog portal of the UB KARLA as well as various scientific and non-scientific search engines searchable (BASE, OAIster Google Scholar, MSN, Bing, MetaGer, Qwant, Google). The printed publication receives an ISBN, the digital version receives a DOI.

The duration of the publication process depends primarily on the processing requirements of the manuscript files. Finalizing the manuscript and binding can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the initial situation. The production of a sample print takes about one week. The production and provision after the final print approval usually take another 2-3 weeks.

The university publishing house kup practices an author-friendly rights policy. The authors grant the publisher

  • the simple right of use, unlimited in time, to reproduce and distribute the publication in printed form as a book edition;
  • the simple right of use, unlimited in time, to make the publication available online free of charge;
  • the right to distribute the metadata for the proof of the publication in relevant bibliographic databases under the CC0 license (https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/).

The copyright of the work belongs to the author. The transfer of the simple, i.e. non-exclusive right of use to the University of Kassel does not affect the author's right to publish the work elsewhere.

Yes, kassel university press is an Open Access publisher. In order to disseminate research results from Kassel as widely as possible, all publications of the university press are published under a free (open access) license CC BY-SA (CC BY upon request). A temporal and/or spatial limitation of the free access is not intended.

Under certain circumstances, according to § 16 para. 5 of the General Regulations for Doctoral Studies at the University of Kassel, the submission of a publishing contract from a recognized specialized publisher is exceptionally sufficient to provide proof of publication and thus to receive the doctoral certificate. In this case, the publishing contract must include the publication date as well as the publisher's publication guarantee.

The informal application for approval must be submitted to the doctoral office together with the corresponding publishing contract and the supplementary sheet "Advance delivery of the doctoral certificate". This office forwards the application for a decision to the responsible doctoral committee of the Faculty in which the doctoral procedure is carried out.

If the doctoral committee approves the advance delivery of the doctoral certificate, it informs the doctoral office, which in turn informs the doctoral candidate of the result, prepares the doctoral certificate and sends it.

Yes, at kassel university press (kup), free, electronic publication is mandatory, while publication in printed form is optional.

The appendix of your dissertation can - depending on its content - either be published as an additional file under the same DOI as the electronic book or - if it is more in the nature of (independent) research data - in a repository or data center of your choice (preferably on the institutional repository DaKS). In both cases, the DOI of the appendix or dataset can be "reserved" in advance and referenced accordingly in the paper.


The costs for kup publications are specified in the corresponding fee schedule. They consist of

  • the printing costs (incl. deposit copies for dnb and publisher),
  • a velag cost flat rate (currently 120,- €),
  • a flat rate for graphics (currently € 50 or € 80) and
  • the value added tax.

Since all kup publications are published on KOBRA at the same time, the obligation to deliver according to § 16 para. 4a sentence 2 of the General Regulations for Doctoral Studies at the University of Kassel of 2021 is already fulfilled with the publication. No further print copies need to be delivered.