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When we dress ourselves, cook ourselves something or heat our home: chemical reactions take place everywhere and new compounds are formed. Chemistry is the science of substances, their properties and their transformations. At the University of Kassel, it is possible to study chemistry with the profiles teaching profession at secondary schools and secondary modern schools and teaching profession at grammar schools. Furthermore, it can be taken as a second subject in the vocational education programs.

Chemistry is all around us and important for everyone: Modern materials, innovative medicine or sustainable environmental protection are unthinkable without the contribution of chemistry. There are many attractive careers in the chemical industry. And good chemistry teaching has the potential not only to get students excited about the subject, but to spark lasting interest in chemistry. After all, chemistry is an exciting subject to teach: experiments offer unique opportunities for lesson design and are often simply impressive. Those who study chemistry as a teaching profession learn experimental skills with great practical relevance, acquire basic knowledge and have good chances of being hired as a teacher.

The study program at the University of Kassel prepares students for their work as teachers of chemistry. The students learn specifically how to design teaching, learning and educational processes. The training takes place at the latest technical level, not least using virtual reality technology.
Teacher training is a focal point at the University of Kassel and has twice received awards in the Quality Offensive Teacher Training. In Kassel, it is possible to study in the proven structure of the state examination. The supervision situation is excellent, the structures are almost family-like: especially in the subject of chemistry, emphasis is placed on personal supervision. You will not find large, anonymous groups here, but individual support and advice.

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