English (teaching subject)

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The subject English can be studied in any teaching degree program.

General goals of the study program

The study program is designed to impart the linguistic, didactic and scientific knowledge and skills for the intended teaching profession in English.

It deals with the language, literature, culture, society and history of the Anglophone region, in particular Great Britain, Ireland and the USA, as well as with the teaching and learning processes in the English classroom.

Tips for studying English

  • Classes are usually held at the Dutch Place (HoPla).
  • In order to study English as a subject, a language certificate is required before entering the program. Proof of language proficiency can be provided by the average grade of the last four semesters prior to high school graduation or by various language tests. Evidence must not be older than two years.
  • Further information on language requirements can be found on the page of the Institute for English Studies/American Studies under Admission Requirements.
  • There is also an IELTS test center at the University of Kassel. Here you can provide proof of language proficiency.
  • A detailed description of the subject can be found in the current examination regulations.

Information and advice


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