Relevance of practical experience

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Relevance of practical experience

The compulsory­prak­ti­cum is not a läs­ti­ges Mo­dul, son­dern rather ...

... offers you the chance to find out what profession you might want to pursue after you have completed your studies.

The compulsory internship is not an annoying module that only has to be completed in order to finish your studies. Quite the opposite! Above all, it offers the opportunity to get an overview of the broad spectrum of different professions during your studies, to practice writing applications, to build networks and, above all, it helps to find out whether you can imagine working in this profession or professional field after graduation. Students should also find out during the compulsory internship where their strengths and weaknesses lie in everyday working life, which skills and competencies are important in the profession, and furthermore discover perspectives on how they can integrate what they enjoy and what they are comfortable with into their future everyday working life.

The greatest strength of the compulsory internship is therefore not only to be a door-opener and first work experience, but above all that it can show the students which profession they might be interested in later.

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