Step-by-step through the internship

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Step-by-step through the internship

  1. 1.Find internship

    How do I find an internship?

    • You will get an overview of possible occupational fields: Which occupational fields are there anyway? You can also read about this in our Guess What handbook or on our blog browse through.
    • You will find out which internship suits you: Which internship / career field suits me? You can use the work section in our Guess What  work through.
    • You start looking for a suitable job: Where can I look for jobs? A few places to start looking for jobs have been listed for you, for example here collected here.

    After step 1 you have looked for an internship: Choose an internship not because it seems to be within reach, but because you are really interested in the professional field in which you want to do an internship.

    Your search for an internship in the social sciences, humanities or cultural studies will be successful if you use the right search terms. You can find hints for example in our Handbook Guess What  in the article by Jens Behrmann "The hidden job market".

  2. 2.Before starting the internship

    What do I need to consider before starting my internship?

    • You make sure that your internship complies with the formal formal framework conditions of the university so that it can be recognized as a compulsory internship as part of your studies.
    • You look for a teacher in your major subject who will supervise your internship and also discuss the suitability of your position with you.
    • You apply for an internship. For example, the career service can give you support.
    • You draw up an internship contract with your internship provider.
    • You inform yourself about the legal framework for your internship, for example in the Brochure of the German Federation of Trade Unions.
    • You clarify the financing of the internship, for example, with the BAföG counseling responsible for you.
    • You make important arrangements with your internship provider. For example, working hours, tasks, activities, the integration into a team or project, etc..
    • You discuss your internship plans with the teacher at the university who will supervise your internship.
    • If necessary, you take the accompanying courses that are part of your internship module.
  3. 3.Register internship

    How do I register my internship?

    • Download the form "Registration of the internship".
    • Fill it out legibly.
    • Have it signed by your supervising teacher.
    • Hand in the form to the internship coordinator.

    After step 3 you have found an internship that suits you, found a supervising teacher, signed an internship contract and registered the internship at the university.

  4. 4.In internship

    What should I keep in mind during my internship?

    • You know your rights and obligations.
    • You stand up for yourself as an intern! You're not just there to do tedious legwork.
    • You get actively involved.
    • You ask questions if something is not quite clear to you.
    • You keep in touch with your contact person in the internship.
    • You establish a network for your later career entry.
    • You reflect on whether what you are doing right now is what you would like to do after your studies.
    • If you realize during your internship that it is not, then break it off and dare to look for an alternative.
  5. 5.After the internship

    What is left to do after my internship?

    • You have an internship certificate issued and the form "Certificate"form.
    • You reflect on your individual career prospects: Do I want to do what I did during the internship? How do I need to improve my qualifications to enter the profession? Where are there jobs in the field in which I would like to work? What are the requirements for applicants in my professional field?
    • You will write your internship report and, if necessary, complete the work in your accompanying seminar. You can find hints for writing your report in our Handbook Guess What handbook.
    • You submit your performance to the supervising teacher together with the form "Certification"or a copy of your report card. After reviewing it, the supervisor will give feedback to the examination office .
    • You keep your eyes open for jobs that might be available to you after graduation.
    • You can support us and your fellow students by filling out the form "Brief Information"form.

    You have now successfully completed your internship and thus acquired an important building block for your career entry . Remember that your internship is your first foot in the door to the professional world .

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