Career prospects

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In a world of progressive digitalization, computer scientists are among the most sought-after university graduates on the job market due to their targeted skills. Hardly any scientific or economic sector can do without computer science graduates. Computer scientists make a significant contribution to the innovative capacity of medium-sized and large companies. They work in research and development, consulting, sales and management in companies in areas such as hardware and software development, information and communication technology, IT consulting, automotive and mechanical engineering, aerospace technology, etc. Many also choose to become self-employed. Many also choose the path to self-employment and found their own startups. The science of computer science is located at the interface between structural, engineering, natural and social sciences. Computer scientists analyze requirements, design systems, research the principles of machine information processing and the social effects of advancing digitalization. Computer science offers great creative potential, building on your open-mindedness to engage with new things every day in this fascinating, rapidly growing discipline.

Can you do more?

Bachelor's graduates can then pursue the path to professional practice or deepen their scientific qualification through a master's program. The master's program (four semesters) ends with the degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.) and gives graduates the opportunity to pursue a doctorate. Both the Bachelor's and the Master's program can be started in the winter or summer semester.

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