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Communication, transportation, medicine, education, production, construction and housing - none of these areas can do without computer technology today, and digitization is growing rapidly. Accordingly, more and more qualified experts are needed to develop and master innovative systems and make them useful for our everyday lives. Computer scientists enjoy shaping the world with their knowledge. The six-semester bachelor's program in computer science at the University of Kassel builds on this attitude and qualifies graduates for jobs of the future.

The program covers the entire spectrum of computer science. The global approach is already shown by the dozen or so existing subject areas within computer science in which courses are offered. In addition to teaching mathematical and scientific knowledge, theoretical and methodological principles, and key competencies, internships, laboratories, and student teamwork always focus on practical applications - for example, topics such as autonomous driving, climate forecasts, or smart homes.

Computer science does not mean "learning to program" or "knowing how to use a computer", but goes far beyond this by looking at complex technical problems as well as social contexts in a scientific and interdisciplinary way during the course of study. At the same time, the handling of the "computer" is of course required, i.e. the device that converts mathematics into information. Particularly in the introductory phase of studies, the department offers students mentoring programs and other support - such as a "math bridge course" to help them pass the obligatory math test.

Students tell

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Fabian studies computer science in the 6th semester, he is also active in the student council of the Department of Electrical Engineering / Computer Science. In the video, Fabian talks about what he likes about his studies, what he would like to do with them later on, and what the location of the department looks like. 

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Degree: Bachelor of Science

Start: Winter semester

Duration/Scope: 6 semesters

Language of instruction: German

Admission restriction (NC): No

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For this degree program you need one of the following degrees:

A good overview of the various degrees and their differences can be found on the website "Zugangsvoraussetzungen" of the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art.

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annually 01.06. - 01.09.

You apply for this degree program via our online application portal "eCampus".

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Application with foreign certificates

Application deadline

with foreign certificates:
annually 01.03. - 15.07.

With a  school-leaving certificate acquiredabroad, you must apply via the central assessment office in Berlin, uni-assist.

How do I apply for this study program?

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