Development cooperation

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Development cooperation (Entwicklungszusammenarbeit)

  • International Organizations
  • Non-Profit-Organisationen/ NGOs
  • Consultancy firms specialized in development
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
  • Institutes and centers for development policy

In development cooperation, there are many different areas of activity, from research and fundraising to field projects at home and abroad. Generalists are sought for cross-sectional activities of all kinds, as well as specialists for specific activities (e.g. specialists in renewable energy, development finance, sustainable agriculture, migration policy, human rights).


Get first-hand experience as

  • Intern in at least one of the potential employers
  • Work student in one of the employers in the field
  • Volunteer. Do not just be a member, active participation (e.g. in project groups) also plays an important role.

Good to have

  • Experience abroad (work or volunteer), especially in emerging and developing countries
  • Languages skills. Only-english positions are limited, thus it is advisable to have at least a working-level German proficiency. Additionally, depending on the country/project, knowing the local language is an asset.
  •  Knowledge of international development policy discussion

One should be aware that assignments also take place in countries where one has to work under unfamiliar and adverse conditions (climate, political situation, health care, infrastructure).
Extensive information: Development Service, German Foreign Office, Venro

Information on junior programs and internships with international organizations is provided by the German Foreign Office .

Link list for the professional field: International Organizations, EU and NGOs.
Website of the SLE (Seminar for Rural Development)

Work in companies with an international focus or departments with an international focus in government agencies.