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Con­sul­ta­ti­ons by Zoom

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The Ca­re­er Ser­vice of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Kassel pro­vi­des you con­sul­ting ser­vice on the fol­lo­wing sub­ject are­as:

Ap­p­li­ca­ti­on Check

Due to the current situation our office hours have been cancelled. You can reach us by email at Consultations can still take place by phone or Skype.

If you would like some assistance with your application, our team will be more than pleased to assist you by looking over your application and offering you advise and correction assistance. Thursday 12-4 pm and Friday 10-12 am our Career Service is open in the Campus Center for those who wish to stop by. No prior appointment is necessary.

To help us provide you with assistance of the utmost quality, please bring a physical copy of your application with you and send in advance your application us an e-mail and CV to, so we will be able to prepare before your arrival properly.

You also can take advantage of our telephone assistance service, where we will check over your job application materials and provide you with feedback and assistance over the phone; perfect for those unable to attend our open office hours. To best use this service, please contact us by E-mail and send us a copy of your job application materials and we will arrange a time to call.

How to pre­pa­re for the ap­p­li­ca­ti­on port­fo­lio che­cking:

The job ad­vert

To best take advantage of our services, bring a copy of a specific job advertisement with you. This is important as a specific job advertisement can help to properly align the application to fit the profile described by and desired by the employer.

In­itia­ti­ve ap­p­li­ca­ti­on

Of course we extend our services to initiative applications as well. To provide you with the best quality service with an initiative application, provide us with a link to the webpage of your desired employer(s). To simplify the process even more, include the department and branch if applicable.


To help assist you in preparing your job application documents, we have a selection of tips and information to help assist you in the writing process. For additional inspiration, you can borrow these resources from the Career Center directly.

Pro­fes­sio­nal Ori­en­ta­ti­on

Where does a historian work? Where does an economic clerk work? What does a political scientist do after completing her bachelor's degree?

Students in the humanities and social sciences in particular complete a course of study in which they are not prepared for any special field of work. There are practically no specially advertised positions for sociologists or Romanists outside of science.

Graduates of different fields of study can therefore take up the same profession after completing their bachelor's or master's degree. On the other hand, students of the same field can go to very different professional directions.

It is necessary for them to individually identify possible areas of activity and to create personal points of contact in order to make a successful transition to the labor market.

The Career Service's vocational guidance service helps students and graduates to tap into their personal job market. We have presented a few professional fields to support you. In addition, the event "the hidden job market for humanities scholars" is regularly offered.

The advisory service is of course available to all students, even outside of the humanities and social sciences. This also applies to not only students of subjects in which there is a classic job market (e.g. social work, economics, technical disciplines, teaching position), but also to students who deal with the possibility of a career change in other areas.


Practical internships are mandatory in almost all Bachelor's degree programs. Examination regulations are primarily about formal things such as recognition and credits. However, a high-quality internship should be much more than an exam and help you move forward.

We support you with the following questions:

  • I am studying a subject that is not related to certain professions. What kind of internship is right for me?
  • I want to do an internship in a specific place, what is the best way to find it?
  • There are only a few vacancies for internships in my desired area, how can I still get an internship?
  • I have never written an application, how do I do this?
  • I have never had an interview, how do I prepare for it?

An internship helps you set a foot in the door in a certain area. We support you in using this for a successful career entry:

  • How can I still gain practical experience in this area after the internship?
  • How can I use the internship to build networks and relationships?
  • How can I later use the internship to find a job?

Here are some regional internship providers for humanities scholars and company profiles.

Job se­arch stra­te­gies

When searching for internship and career entry positions, it quickly becomes apparent that there are a large number of internships and job exchanges with very similar offers on the Internet. The offer is confusing and many searchers and their skillset do not really find themselves in the advertised positions. It makes little difference whether you are looking for a regular job or an internship.

The result is that many applicants only pounce on the best-known job search sites and do not pay attention to the fitting accuracy. The consequence is a large number of refusal.

Appropriate search strategies are not trivial, but an essential factor to find your way in complex work life. At the Campus Center you will be advised on suitable strategies for finding internships and jobs:

  • Are you looking for a job across Germany, but are not yet sure in which area?
  • Do you have an idea about a certain area (e.g. publisher, NGO, "something with consultancy" or "something with media") but can't find any suitable offer?
  • Sie finden bei Ihrer Suche kaum potentiellen Arbeitgeber?
  • Do you hardly find any potential employer in your search? Would you like to stay in Kassel and are looking for something here in the region?

Here you will also find initial information about job research online.

Bachelor, Master or Doc­to­ra­te?

We can help you find out which occupations or fields of work are eligible and then decide whether a postgraduate Master's degree or Doctorate is useful or necessary.

Here you will find the requirements of the job market relating to university degrees.

Ap­p­li­ca­ti­on Pro­cess

The Career Service supports students and alumni with more than just the application check ; a wide variety of services are offered. In an advisory meeteing many important problem areas can be discussed:

  • How do I best prepare myself for a job interview?
  • How do I best take the iniativeand contact companies first?
  • Should I write a  written or digital job application? 
  • How do I work with the private job sites of various companies?
  • What should I especially pay attention to in a Job Assessment?
  • What exactly is a letter of motivation?
  • What is important when dealing with references and certificates of employment? How can I best assess the quality of my references? (Not legal advise on the matter)
  • How do I analyze job advertisements?
  • Is it worthwhile for me to include social networks
  • What do Soft Skills mean job advertisement and how should I deal with them?

Doubts about your stu­dies

You feel unsure about your studies and don't know how you can get a job with it?

We advise you with an open-minded manner, try to clear up any doubts about your studies, answer questions and show you your professional opportunities and other options.

At the university, you can get support from General Consultation and Consultation on the individual degree courses. The Career Service and the General Student Advisory Service are part of the Kassel network for students who have such a problem.

Ad­vi­so­ry Ser­vices

Alumni of various degrees in the humanities are potentially able to take up the same jobs; on the other hand students of a certain majors can go in extremely different directions professionally when compared to their peers with the same degree.

The students are faced with a balancing act:
Humanities Students can do an internship with a direct relation between their studies and job, not preparing students for a special field of work. Simultaneously, each student has to find potential areas of occupation for later on their own and attempt to build personal connections in order to promote a successful transition into the job market.   

The job orientation advisory services offered by the Career Service are there to help students and alumni to in accessing and maximizing their own personal job market.

Our advisory services are of course available for all students, regardless of major, degree, or semester.