Links for job hunt­ing and oc­cu­pa­tional fields

On this page we provide a collection of useful links and information about job hunting and different occupational fields in Germany. 

The internet offers a lot of diverse information about job boards, employers and occupations. Below, we give you an insight into essential websites. Some of these websites are in English others are not. We give you a hint of the information that you can find on these websites. However, not all information can be provided in English, which is why learning German is the most important preparation for the German job market.

You can find general information about working in Germany on the website "Make it in Germany", which is an official website provided by the German government. On the website, you will also find detailed information about different aspects of starting to work in Germany such as information about the work contract, taxes or social security as well as information on their service hotline for personalised advice.

  • Job hunting (use this PDF for job hunting tips and advice. It contains links to calenders for job fairs, business directories such as yellow pages and links to different job portals.)
  • Temporary jobs (helpful information, if you are looking for a temporary job to earn money while studying)


  • Kulturtopographie Kassel (links to various cultural institutions and initiatives in Kassel)
  • List of employers in the social field in Kassel (the list was created by the study program Social Services at the University of Kassel)
  • The City of Kassel (use this website for contact information of different institutions and companies in Kassel (e.g. schools & education, politics & society, media & press). The website is currently being edited and is therefore not available. As soon as the new website is accessible, we will link it here.
  • The City of Göttingen put together a similar portal on their website

Below you can find useful links and information about working in the research landscape in Germany.

Additionally, we offer more detailed information about different occupational fields in Germany (in German). 

  • Use this link for more Information on how to state your preferred salary in your application.
  • Salary (use this PDF for helpful links regarding salary)