Jobs & Internships

We support students and graduates in a variety of ways in contacting employers and gaining practical experience.

We also support students from all faculties in the event of doubt about their studies and show them the possibilities.

Job Portal

In our Job portal database students and alumni can find over 150 new jobs, internships, and student job opportunities each month.

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Job Fair Meet

Every year, we host the annual job fair, meet@uni-kassel, with over 30 corporate presenters, with a major presence from Kassel and the surrounding region.

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Company Profiles

North Hesse offers a wide variety of job and internship opportunities. Here you can find the profiles from various companies from Kassel and the surrounding region.

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For many employers, volunteering is a positive signal regarding your personal and social competencies.

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Minimum Wage

From 01.10.2022 onwards, Germany now has a minimum wage law set at 12 Euro/hour.

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