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All public and private radio stations.

Here you will find examples of regionally based stations that award internships.

Working at a radio station can be roughly divided into three fields of activity:

  • Radio journalists are responsible for creating radio programs. Their work includes research, writing texts and setting them to music.
  • Music editors select the music to be played. They are in contact with record companies.
  • Presenters host radio programs and are the direct interface between listeners and the station.

There are also jobs in radio in the area of distribution. The task here is to organize advertising bookings.

Work as/in
freelancer:r or intern:r at a newspaper (for general journalism experience) and at a freelance radio station (to learn about the radio broadcasting environment).

Requirements for entering the profession

  • Show commitment through journalistic activities
  • Samples of work you have done in internships in radio broadcasting
  • Experience in moderating/conceptualizing radio programs   
  • Radio presenters should have a pleasant voice and be able to control it well even under stress.

The career entry usually happens through a traineeship. You already need these first experiences to get a traineeship in radio.

Further information and job exchange:

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