Public service

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  • Federal and and states 
  • Cities, towns and municipalities
  • Administrations and authorities
  • Federal and state offices
  • Employment agency

The public sector in Germany has several million employees, but the vast majority of employees enter public administration via a clearly regulated training program or special course of study.

Career changers can, for example, work in the fields of education and culture, as officers or representatives, and in many cross-departmental tasks (internal communications, equal opportunities).

Work as
student assistant or intern:in in public authorities or administrations with a focus on a topic from the field of activity

Professional competencies: Appropriate professional focus
Methodological competencies: Organizational skills
Personal competencies: Diligence, structured work

Prerequisites for entering the profession
Thematic experience from the field of activity

As the civil service is very diverse, so are the entry routes. For most areas, such as customs, the federal police or the German Bundesbank, there are special study and training paths in the non-technical service.

There is no silver bullet for lateral entry; connecting factors to the respective subject matter are the be-all and end-all. & We have provided more detailed information and job exchanges on the civil service . Further comprehensive information can also be found on the Civil Service information page.

In the OECKL - Taschenbuch des öffentlichen Lebens you will find more than 1,000 records of public service institutions and thus also of potential employers.

Depending on the subject area, there are similar activities in the non-profit sector and in companies.