Application and admission

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Important for the application

Your required subject is the education and social sciences core curriculum. In addition, you will choose two other electives. You can find the list on the home page of this degree program.

The study of the subjects Protestant Religion and Catholic Religion are mutually exclusive.

If you choose physical education, music, or art as a subject, you must first pass the physical education aptitude test or demonstrate artistic aptitude or talent (music/art). You will find the dates of the tests linked on the home page of this program.

Further subjects
If you would like to study other subjects in addition to these three subjects (two electives and the core course), this is of course possible. However, you will then study these subjects as if they were a separate additional degree program. You mark this additional course of study as a supplement by selecting "Extension Examination" as the degree.

What documents do I need?

As part of the online application for this degree program, I need the following documents:

  1. Scan of my certificate of higher education entrance qualification (e.g. Allgemeine Hochschulreife (Abitur))
  2. Proof of health insurance ("Versi­che­rungs­be­stä­ti­gung für Hoch­schule")
    Membership certificates are not accepted. Please apply for a digital insurance certificate ("Meldung 10") from your statutory health insurance company for enrollment at the University of Kassel, which the health insurance company will transmit electronically directly to the University of Kassel. For this purpose, please inform your health insurance companyof the dispatch number of the University of Kassel . This is:  H0000479. If you are privately insured, you must contact a statutory health insurance company with your private insurance certificate. The statutory health insurance company will then digitally notify the University of Kassel that you are "not subject to (statutory) health insurance". See also:
  3. Scan of my proof of identity (identity card or passport)
  4. Portrait photo
    For the CampusCard (student ID) we need a digital portrait photo of you. The photo should approximately correspond to the specifications for the creation of official passport photos, not exceed the maximum size of 5 megabytes. Image formats allowed are jpg, jpeg and png:
    • must be passport-size (face without headgear and without sunglasses takes up most of the image area)
    • must be in 4:3 format (if the uploaded photo is not in this format, you have to choose a crop after uploading)
    • must not exceed 5 megabytes in size
    • must not be larger than 1280x1024 pixels
    • may only consist of one of the formats jpg, jpeg, png
  5. If necessary, other proofs (applies only to the elective subjects English, Physical Education, Music and Art).

Step by step guide

  1. 1.Deadlines

    • Can I apply already? 

    The application deadline for this program can be found below the program description on the program home page. 

  2. 2.eCampus


    • I open the website of the application portal "eCampus":

      eCampus - Register now
    • I click on"Registration".
    • I enter my details and set a password. 
    • I receive an e-mail and click on the confirmation link in the e-mail

    The University of Kassel strongly recommends activating the email notification and logging into the application portal regularly.

  3. 3.Application

    Preparation and filling out the application


    • I use a desktop PC or a laptop. The online application is not suitable for smartphones.
    • I have scanned the necessary documents for the online application.
    • I open the website of the application portal"eCampus":

    • I log in again to the application portal "eCampus" with my user name and password. 
    • I click on the menu item"My studies" and then on"Study application".

    Fill out the application:

    • I select my desired degree in the online application.
    • I fill out the online form and upload any relevant supporting documents. If I am unclear, I read the help texts next to the questions. 
    • I confirm that my data is complete and true and submit my application online by clicking on the "Submit Application" button. The online enrollment page opens.
  4. 4.Semester fee

    • I transfer the semester fee. 

    Fees are charged for your studies every semester (administrative fee, student union, semester ticket, AStA). You will find the exact amount, the payment deadline and the details for the transfer in the application for enrollment. Further information is also available here: Semesterbeitrag

  5. 5.CampusCard

    • I will receive the CampusCard by mail as soon as I have transferred my semester fee.

    The CampusCard is your student ID for the entire duration of your studies. It is also your semester ticket and has other functions: Library card, culture ticket, payment card in the refectory, copy card, etc. For more information, click here: CampusCard

  6. 6.Introduction

    • I inform myself on the subpage"Introduction and Start of Studies - Important Dates" .
    • I visit the introductory events in the first week of the semester (before the regular start of lectures) and inform myself about the creation of the timetable. Only then do I create my own timetable

    In the introductory events, the central questions about the structure of the study program are answered. Here you will find tips and information about the organization of your studies and the course of your studies. The timetables are drawn up during this time. And you will already get to know your future fellow students and the campus. So: be sure to come!

    Here you can find the semester times of the University of Kassel: Semester- und Lehrveranstaltungszeiten

  7. 7.Before study

    • I inform myself on the subpage"Introduction and start of studies - Before the studies" about how I can prepare myself for the studies.

Status messages in eCampus

  • In preparation: The application process has been started, but not yet submitted digitally.
  • Digitally received: The application has been submitted digitally in eCampus.
  • In progress: Your application is currently being reviewed. If you sent your application by mail, it has been received. 
  • provisionally excluded: Documents are still missing (e.g. credit for higher semester).
  • excluded: Your application has been reviewed and cannot be considered. 
  • valid: Your application has been reviewed and is participating in the application process.
  • Offer of admission has been made*: You have been offered a place on this course. 
  • Admission currently not possible: You have currently not been offered a study place for this subject. Your application will be taken into account for a possible subsequent procedure.
  • rejected: Unfortunately, you have not received a place for this subject.
  • admitted*: This subject is free of admission. You can now accept the study place. 
  • Deadline exceeded: You did not accept your study offer within the deadline.

*You have a combination that can be studied directly if the status of all subjects is "offer of admission has been made" or "admitted".

If you have not received an offer of admission for all subjects in your teacher education program, you must submit a new application. In this application you can choose all subjects without admission but also all NC subjects for which an offer of admission exists.

Note on the study program "Lehramt an Grundschule":
Here, the study program as a whole is subject to admission restrictions. However, the technical procedure currently only allows us to map the restriction on the basis of one subject. For this degree program, it is the compulsory subject "Core Studies". If you have not been admitted to this subject, this applies to the entire degree program. In the rejection notice, you will - also for technical reasons - only be informed about the rejection of the admission-restricted subject Core Studies. 

DoSV study programs: As soon as you have accepted an offer of admission, you will be eliminated from the current procedure along with all other applications and will receive a notice of admission.

An offer of admission is reservatory in nature. If you would rather continue to wait to receive another offer of admission for a degree program you have given higher priority to, you may do so. If no higher priority admission offer can be made to you, you can fall back on the existing admission offer. You will then also receive a letter of admission.

  • Enrollmentapplied for: Application has been submitted digitally in eCampus.
  • Enrollmentin progress: Paper application has been received and is being processed.
  • Enrolled: You have been successfully enrolled.
  • Enrollmentdenied: There were irrefutable barriers. You cannot be enrolled.

Career change, change of course of study or change of university

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