Politics and economics (teaching subject)

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In the individual German states, the subject, which deals with questions of political education and the analysis of society, is referred to by different names: "Sozialkunde," "Gemeinschaftskunde," "Sozialwissenschaften" or "Politische Wissenschaft" - in Hesse, the subject is called "Politik und Wirtschaft.

This emphasizes a special focus of education in the context of politics and economics. At the University of Kassel, this takes place in the subjects of political science and sociology, with a special focus on the didactics of political education. In addition to a broad grounding in questions of the political system or the transformation of (working) society, graduates acquire in-depth knowledge in individual subject areas, such as social policy, globalization (especially North-South relations), the labor market or organizational forms of gainful employment. In didactics, accents are offered in the field of global learning and education for sustainable development. The program lasts three and a half years and is completed with the state examination.

The core course in education and social sciences is a compulsory subject for all teacher training programs at the University of Kassel. It offers basic knowledge in the horizon of childhood and adolescence, of school and teaching and their development. Overarching political, historical, cultural and philosophical references to the work as a teacher are addressed.

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