Introductory events and beginning of the studies

Introduction: Dates 2022

Dear First Semester Students,

Welcome to Department 10! We as the Student Council of the Faculty 10 would like to make your start into your studies easier and have therefore planned a student orientation week for you from October 10-14, during which you can ask urgent questions, but also get to know your fellow students. Please check the information below carefully so that you don't miss anything.

We are looking forward to seeing you! Greetings, your FSR FB 10 :)

What we plan to do with you :)

The following are short explanations of our individual program points. You can find the dates in section What? When? Where?

General FSR introduction
Here we give you useful information about studying at the University of Kassel in general and at FB 10 in particular.

Subject-specific question time
In the subject-specific question and answer sessions you can ask the representatives of the student council and experienced students of your study program about everything that is on your mind at the beginning of your studies! Furthermore, the scheduling for the first semester will be discussed.

AVZ Rally
The AVZ will be the hub of your studies, so it's worth getting to know this intricate location. You can do this in groups by playing games, and of course there will be something to win.

Barbecue and pub crawl
The last item on the program of our O-Week is the traditional pub crawl, where we want to introduce you to Kassel's nightlife. Before that we invite you for a bratwurst at the AVZ, a basis for the evening has to be there ;)

Planning - General Info
Below you will find two tables. The first one contains the timetable for the O-week, the start times are based on the end times of the pre-courses.1 The duplications are intentional, because there are many courses at FB 10: This is where the second table comes into play! There you will find on which day the introduction respectively AVZ rally is scheduled for your study program.


  • We are currently not subject to any restrictions due to Corona requirements, so you don't have to pay attention to anything special. Accordingly, we do not have any masks on site.
  • The pub crawl is planned for everyone, there is no second date here.
  • We offer the Q&A sessions for the teaching subjects in such a way that in case of two subjects at FB 10, both Q&A sessions should be attended. Therefore, chemistry appears on Monday and Wednesday (see below). If your combination is not covered, please contact us.
  • If you are studying plusMINT, you are also welcome to join us: Just pick a question and answer session.
  • The general introductions on Monday and Wednesday do not differ in content, so if you come to one, that is quite enough.
  • The subject-specific Q&A sessions follow directly after the general FSR introduction. The meeting point is the respective lecture hall, from there the tutors will take you to the respective rooms. And don't worry if you are late: There will be someone in the lecture hall who will send you on ;)

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