In­tro­duc­to­ry events and be­gin­ning of the stu­dies

Things to know about the in­tro­duc­to­ry events:

There is no single introductory event. Instead, there is a wide range of offers from different "organisers".
On the one hand, the departments offer an official programme.
This type of introduction is about the subject of study:
What is this subject thematically about?
Which specialisations are offered in Kassel?
Which professors and subject areas determine the content?

Sometimes the student representatives also offer introductory events. The student council is part of the student self-organisation and deals with the specific questions of the students of a department. In terms of content, it deals with questions about the course of studies, the organisation of the curriculum, the organisation of learning and examinations. The student councils therefore offer help with the question of how best to study this subject.

In addition, there are "welcome events":
First semester welcome, breakfast, offers for students with children, offers for international students.
The dates of the introductory events are usually published on this page about 2-3 months before the actual start of lectures.

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