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Graduate Academy
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Tel. +49 561 804-3241 or -2263

Mailing lists

The mailing lists promote information, exchange and networking between the members of the target groups. Self-registration is necessary for all of the lists.

Representatives of mid-level faculty (page under construction)

Name, Forename Contact
Dennenmoser, Dominic
Representation in the Senate, FB 11: Fa­cul­ty of Or­ga­nic Agri­cul­tu­ral Sci­en­ces
Dr.-Ing. Fletling, Rainer
Faculty Council, FB 14: Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hucke, Verena
Equality commission, FB 05: Faculty of Social Sciences
Keintzel, Salomé Li
Faculty Council, FB 01: Faculty of Human Sciences
Michael, Beyerlein
Representation in the Senate, FB 01: Faculty of Human Sciences
Porsch, Nadja
Faculty Council, School of Art and Design
Dr. Thiemann, Louis
Faculty Council, FB 11: Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences
Dr.-Ing. Wegener, Thomas
Representation in the Senate, FB 15: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Other members of committees and commissions can be found on the intranet or SharePoint with login at