Fur­ther qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on

The transferrable skills further qualification during and after the doctorate serves in particular to promote the principles of good academic practice, as well as career planning and preparation for various professional challenges in and outside academia. The following programmes and events are open to all academics and artists during the qualification phase:

Kassel Gra­dua­te Pro­gram­me

This interdisciplinary programme for further qualification provides a wide range of courses from academic qualifications to career development.

Kassel Graduate Programme: Forward

De­ve­lop­ment and ma­nage­ment of pro­jects fun­ded by third par­ties

This programme imparts key competencies in applying for, financing, managing and transferring projects funded by third parties.

Development and management of projects funded by third parties: Forward


This programme called Teaching-Learning Competencies at the University of Kassel (LLukas) is a modular further education programme for didactics in higher education.

LLUKAS: Forward