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Committees of the Graduate Academy

The Graduate Academy at the University of Kassel supports doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers in their academic qualification phase. It coordinates the interdisciplinary further qualification and offers a forum for the interests and concerns of young academics. It is committed to a positive and supportive doctoral culture and environment at the University of Kassel. Its offers are open to all academics and artists in the qualification phase at the University of Kassel.

The Graduate Academy is a central institution of the University of Kassel. The bodies of the Graduate Academy are the Council and the Executive Board.

The Office of the Graduate Academy works closely with the main Doctoral Office of the Doctoral Committees.

The Executive Board consists of a total of five voting members:

  • One vice president
  • Two professorial representatives who are members of the Council of the Graduate Academy
  • Two spokespersons for the early career researchers and/or artists who are members of the Graduate Academy's Council

The Executive Director of the Graduate Academy participates in the board meetings in an advisory capacity.

The Council of the Graduate Academy includes one professorial representative per faculty and/or interdepartmental Graduate Centre, who is delegated by the respective dean's office. This is usually the representative for junior academics.

Furthermore, every dean's office and every graduate centre appoint a spokesperson for early career researchers through its respective administration. Similarly, the Centre for Teacher Education and the Graduate Centre of the Environment appoint one representative and one spokesperson for the early career researchers.

Structural composition of the Graduate Academy