Doctoral scholarships for completion of the dissertation

In order to promote young academics, the University of Kassel awards scholarships for completion of the dissertation every semester with the objective of compensating for disadvantages in the completion of the doctorate.


Doctoral candidates at the University of Kassel who are about to complete their doctoral studies are eligible.

The scholarship is endowed with 1,300 euros per month. A subsidy of 200 euros per month for childcare is possible.

This scholarship is awarded for up to twelve months. The main objective of the scholarships for completion of the dissertation is to complete the dissertation and submit it within the funding period. The funding period usually starts on 01/04 for applications in November and on 01/10 for applications in April.


The doctoral scholarship committee decides on the awarding of scholarships according to the prospect of actually achieving a successful submission of the dissertation within the requested term. In addition, the goal of compensating for disadvantages for doctoral students should be applied. In particular, the criteria for a compensation for disadvantages can be:

  1. The strain of non-dissertation duties in accordance with contractual agreements (job description) in the case of third-party funded staff
  2. The type and nature of previous employment  circumstances leading up to the doctorate
  3. Special strain through situations like illness, disability or raising children
  4. The doctorate of a non-male person (female or diverse) occurring in areas with a low proportion of women
  5. Pandemic-related restrictions on the research work.

The disadvantage must not have already been compensated by similar funding instruments of the university.

Members of the Doctoral Scholarships Committee include the responsible vice president, at least three professors, one academic staff member and one representative of the currently funded scholarship holders.

The application should be sent in electronic form via the university´s homepage ( Please scroll down to the item “Scholarships” there.

The following documents in German or English must be submitted in the order listed as a single PDF file:

  • A short letter that includes an explanation as to why a compensation for disadvantages should be granted (max. one page)
  • A generally understandable summary of the dissertation project (max. one page)
  • The exposé (total max. of eight pages; the exposé addresses the points of the research status and, if applicable, the applicant's own preliminary work, objectives and research topic, method, expected academic contribution, work plan and schedule within the planned funding period)
  • A CV in tabular form
  • The university transcripts
  • Certification of acceptance as a doctoral candidate at the University of Kassel
  • If applicable, a description of the most recent employment if the request for disadvantage compensation is based on strain due to the workload of non-doctoral duties.

An assessment by the supervisor is requested from the dean's office of the relevant department by the Doctoral Scholarship Committee.


Please note the following regulations for the awarding of scholarships. They contain all of the basic conditions and details on the doctoral scholarships.

Regulations for the Awarding of Exposé and Doctoral Degree Scholarships of the University of Kassel

The closing date for applications is

15. November 2024


Research and Graduate Research Office
Casimira Neumann
+49 561 804 2263