Previous semester ticket modalities

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What is the semester ticket?

A semester ticket is a ticket for local public transport that can be purchased by students at a college or university for a specific period of time. The semester ticket is usually valid for one semester or six months and allows students unlimited use of local public transport within the respective transport network or even beyond.

The cost of the semester ticket is usually included in the semester fee that students have to pay at the beginning of each semester. This makes the semester ticket compulsory for all students, even if they do not use it. The advantage of the semester ticket is that it is very inexpensive compared to other public transport tickets and allows students a high degree of mobility and flexibility.

The semester ticket is an example of a service that can be provided by the AStA to offer students added value.

Germany ticket for students

The AStA at the University of Kassel as well as the NVV and the KVG as mobility partners have developed a solution for an upgrade of the semester ticket to the "Deutschlandticket". This semester ticket upgrade offers students enrolled at the University of Kassel a cost-effective option for mobility throughout Germany.

In addition, the federal and state governments agreed in November 2023 that the ASten should be able to purchase a discounted Deutschlandticket from the transport associations from the summer semester 2024. At the plenary meeting on 31.01.2024, an overwhelming majority of the students present voted in favor of the AStA concluding a corresponding contract with the NVV. The ticket should cost 29.40 per month, is linked to the Deutschlandticket and must be paid for by all students with the semester fee. As the re-registration campaign for the summer semester had to start before the General Assembly and a possible contract with the NVV, an increased semester fee has already been collected as a precaution. If no contract is concluded after all, the amount will be transferred back. The validation of campus cards is not affected for the time being and can therefore be carried out as usual. Anyone who has previously booked a D-Ticket upgrade does not need to cancel it, as this will happen automatically when a new semester ticket is issued. Further details will be clarified in the course of concluding the contract and will be published on this page and on Instagram.

Germany ticket for students: Forward

Where can I use the ticket?

  • Bebra - Herleshausen - Eisenach (Cantus)
  • Bad Hersfeld - Fulda (RB 5, RE 50)
  • RMV - fare zone 2001 (Fulda)
  • Schwalmstadt - Marburg and Burgwald-Ersthausen - Marburg (RE 30, RB 41, RE 98, RB 42)
  • RMV fare zone 0501 (Marburg)
  • Warburg - Paderborn (RE 11 and RB89)
    The semester ticket is not recognized on the Altenbeken - Paderborn section of the RB 84 "Eggebahn"  line.
  • Bus route network in fare zone 7700 (Paderborn - Eichenberg - Göttingen)

Reimbursement of the semester ticket

A semester ticket refund refers to the opportunity for students to receive a refund for the semester ticket they usually pay as part of their tuition fees. The semester ticket allows students to use public transportation in a specific area or state for a period of one or more semesters.

Reimbursement of the semester ticket can be requested for various reasons, such as a semester abroad, an internship or an interruption to studies for health reasons.

Reimbursement of the semester ticket must be applied for each semester. 

The submission deadlines always begin on: 15.03. for the summer semester and 15.09. for the winter semester.

The submission dead lines for the application are: 30.04. for the summer semester and 31.10. for the winter semester.   

Missing documents can be submitted up to 2 weeks after this deadline.

Here is the list of semester ticket refund reasons with the respective proofs

  1. semester abroad: proof of semester abroad required 2nd internship: Proof of an internship of at least 3 months outside the semester ticket area
  2. severe disability: copy of severely disabled person's ID card and a current token
  3. no compulsory attendance (degree/promotion): Proof of residence outside the semester ticket area as well as proof from the examination office that attendance is no longer compulsory
  4. semester of leave: proof of the semester of leave
  5. illness: proof of sick leave of more than 3 months in the previous semester
  6. cooperative study program: copy of semester ticket from Fulda University of Applied Sciences
  7. double enrollment: copy of the semester ticket of the other university
  8. social hardship: bank statements of the last 3 months, proof of rent for the apartment, certificate of enrollment, proof of housing benefit (if available) and BAfÖG proof (if available). With child: Birth certificate and certificate of enrollment are sufficient. There is no deadline for social hardship! The application can be submitted retroactively for up to one semester.
  9. state ticket: Copy of the state employee ticket of the state of Hesse. Please note the conditions listed below!

Reason for refund State and Hesse ticket, Germany ticket

On April 5, 2023, the student parliament decided that applications for reimbursement of the semester ticket will be accepted again for the reimbursement reason Landesticket.

The following conditions apply :

  • There will be a processing fee of approx. + - 20€
  • All applications submitted for this refund reason must be complete, correct, legible and have a copy of the Landesticket attached
  • There is no grace period
  • Incorrect applications will not be processed and will be rejected without notification. Please note the office hours of the secretariat or the Department for Social Affairs and Anti-Discrimination for any queries.

A refund of the difference between the semester ticket and the Deutschlandticket is not possible. We kindly ask you to refrain from contacting the university or AStA in this regard.

Request for reimbursement

It is currently not possible to submit an online application. However, this is being planned and will be available again in the future. You can submit your applications by e-mail, send them by post, hand them in personally to Ms. Parker during office hours or at the secretary's office, or drop them in the AStA mailbox.

Please refrain from making any inquiries about semester ticket refunds. This can only lead to further delays. We will complete the processing as quickly as possible.

You are also welcome to contact us at the following e-mail addresses: rueckerstattung[at]asta.uni-kassel[dot]de