Master thesis

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Tasks before registration

Find out about possible topics in the subject areas via the websites or in person. Concrete questions or also subject areas are suggested. In addition, you can discuss your own ideas with the potential supervisor, if necessary.

  • Professors and research assistants in the field of clinical psychology (or related fields) of the Institute of Psychology may supervise and review the thesis, whereby one of the two reviewers must have professorial status.
  • An external reviewer can only be admitted after approval by the examination board. The (informal) request should be made before the registration of the master thesis. The external reviewer must have at least a master's degree or diploma in psychology.
    External reviewers without a degree in psychology (e.g. medicine) are only permitted in exceptional cases and after approval by the examination board. In this case, the topic of the thesis must have a clearly recognizable psychological focus.
    In the case of an external first examiner, the research design must be discussed in the form of an exposé with the professor in Kassel before the thesis is registered.

At the end of the previous semester

  • You decide on a topic in consultation with the supervisors.
  • Registration deadlines are
    • October 01
    • February 01
    • April 01
    • July 01
    • By when do I have to hand in my Master's thesis in order to finish within the standard period of study?
      Hand in your thesis by 30 September of your 4th semester at the latest. The Master's degree is dated with the date of your last achievement (e.g. the deadline for submitting the Master's thesis). If required, you can receive a provisional confirmation of your M.Sc. degree a few days later. For organizational reasons, the certificates will be ready approximately three weeks later.
  • Please use the following form for registration

You are in your third semester of study or have 50 credits on your academic record

At the beginning of the semester of your master thesis

The official issue of topics by the Examination Committee is considered binding admission and takes place by October 15, February 15, April 15, and July 15, respectively. In exceptional cases, you can apply to the Examination Committee for other deadlines via a hardship case.

There are 15 laptops in the institute that can be borrowed temporarily for the processing of the master thesis. If you need such a laptop, please ask your supervisor to borrow it from the secretary's office at Mrs. Kolckhorst. Windows 8 Pro and the following programs are installed on the laptops:

  • MS Office 2013
  • SPSS
  • R
  • E-Prime - programmable only in the institute labs (INCON building)
  • Inquisit

Your supervisors will of course also help you with methodological questions. Otherwise you are welcome to use the student method consulting service

At the end of the semester of your master thesis

The Master's thesis must be handed in within 20 weeks from the day the topic is announced (extensions / exceptions: see examination regulations).

The reviewers have six weeks after their submission to write the reviews. This duration is formally specified and necessary, since many reviewers have to write many first and second reviews for the graduates of the various psychology programs.

Submit the master's thesis in due time in three bound written copies and once on a data carrier to the examination board (Institute of Psychology, R. 2112: Ms. Braun). A raw data set of all subjects with a clear designation of the variables or with a file in which the variables are clearly explained must be attached to the data carrier. If the deadline falls on a holiday, the work must be handed in by 12:00 noon on the following working day at the latest.

In case of late submission, the paper will be graded as "failed" without exception.

After submission of the master thesis

A defense of your master thesis is not necessary. However, your supervisor may ask you to present the respective status of your thesis in the research colloquium.