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Information on the vocational internship according to PO 2021

The internship (occupational qualification activity III) at a glance

Type of internship: Cooperating institutions of the University of Kassel (health care institutions; clinical-psychological professional fields; supervision by licensed psychotherapists).

Duration: 450 hours in inpatient care and 150 hours in outpatient care; part-time during the semester.

Time: In the 3rd and 4th semester, if you have completed module 8 (BQT-II).

The Berufsqualifizierende Tätigkeit III (BQT-III), Module 8 is divided into a 450-hour inpatient part and a 150-hour outpatient part. The internships take place in cooperation facilities of the Institute of Psychology at the University of Kassel. As a rule, the internship is carried out on a part-time basis, so that it can be completed during the semester. The internship can be started at the earliest after completion of the 2nd semester. You can start with the inpatient or outpatient part. Within the framework of both internships, a number of activities must be carried out, for which you will receive a lecture note at the beginning. The supervisors must give you a receipt for the activities you have performed. Certain tasks can only be performed in the inpatient or outpatient part. Once you have successfully completed one part of the internship, you will receive a selection of suitable internship positions for the second part to ensure that you can complete all activities.

The cooperation facilities are both inpatient and outpatient health care facilities that ensure that the requirements of the licensing regulations for psychotherapists are met. You will be supervised there by licensed psychotherapists and gain an insight into the psychotherapeutic care of patients. The facilities are entitled to conduct selection interviews.

The assignment to the facilities is made in advance by the internship representative(s). Therefore, do not contact the facilities independently beforehand, but wait until you are asked to do so. There are enough facilities available in the region of Northern Hesse/Southern Lower Saxony/+adjacent.


List of cooperation partners for the professional internships in the Master Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy according to the examination regulations of 2021 (as of March 2023)


Specialist clinic Fürstenwald, Calden

Vitos Klinikum Kurhessen (Forensic Clinic Bad Emstal, Psychosomatics Kassel, Psychiatry Kassel & KJP Kassel)

Vitos Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry, Haina

Vitos Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry, Giessen

Asklepios Specialist Hospital Tiefenbrunn, Rosdorf

Asklepios Psychiatry Lower Saxony GmbH, Specialist Hospital Göttingen

Schön Clinic Bad Arolsen

Wicker Clinic, Bad Wildungen

Rusteberg Specialist Clinic, Marth

Wicker Clinic at Homberg, Bad Wildungen

Klinikum Kassel GmbH (Pediatric Psychosomatics, Ludwig-Noll [Psychiatry] & Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy)

LWL Therapy Center for Forensic Psychiatry Marsberg

Böddiger Berg Specialized Clinic

Klinik am Hainberg (acute clinic & rehab clinic)

Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy at the Fulda Clinic

Vitos Children's and Youth Mental Health Clinic, Marburg


Psychotherapeutic University Outpatient Clinic, University of Kassel

Training and further education institution for clinical behavior therapy AWKV gGmbH, Kassel

Practice Nadine Scharnowski, Kassel

Practice Anke Schwarzbach, Kassel

Practice Ritter and Gerstner, Kassel

Practice Sebastian Domann, Kassel

Practice Johanna Knorr, Kassel

Practice Hans Onno Röttgers, Kassel

Neurological Center Kassel - Dr. Karin Schoof-Tams

Neurological Center Kassel - Martina Schaumburg

After each partial internship, the following documents must be submitted by mail to

  • Internship certificate
  • Completed questionnaire
  • Internship report (7-15 pages)
  • After the outpatient part the attendance documentation about the outpatient case seminar

The four case history protocols can be completed across both internships and submitted on an ongoing basis or bundled at the end (digitally). This also applies to the case report.

At the end, please also submit the case documentation (digitally).

Thus, posting will only take place after both parts (module 11 and 12) have been completed. The documents will then normally be processed within 2-3 weeks and posted in your performance overview.

An internship abroad is not possible, as the requirements of the PsychThApprO are usually not met there.

Information on the vocational internship according to PO 2014 (expiring)

The internship at a glance

Type of internship site: health care facilities; clinical psychology professional fields.

Duration: 480 hours, divisible into 2 x 240 hours

Recommendation earliest time: after the 1st semester, if you have attended the lectures for module 5 and 6.

The examination regulations require a 12-week career-oriented internship (480 hours). You can complete this internship either full or part time, in one piece or in two parts. Make sure that each part of the internship is at least 240 hours, otherwise it will not be eligible for credit. Longer internships are of course creditable without any problems. You cannot complete a mandatory internship during a semester off.

The internship should be completed at an institution that employs full-time a psychologist with a degree in psychology (Diplom, B.Sc. or M.Sc. in psychology) or a person with a comparable degree who will provide guidance and supervision for the intern.

Suitable internship sites are usually sought by the students themselves. To assist you, a list of internship positions can be obtained from the module supervisor. However, you can also look for your own internship positions at home and abroad. The independent search for your internship enables you to carry out the internship according to your interests and should prepare you for your later job search.

You can also complete an internship in a scientific context. In this case, it is best to contact the staff member concerned. The research internship can be completed during the lecture-free period as well as during the lecture period, as a full-time or part-time internship. You will make all these arrangements directly with your supervisor.
After you have both come to an agreement, your supervisor must submit an informal request to the Examination Committee in which your tasks are clearly noted. This is to give you the broadest possible insight into the field of research.
It is your responsibility to register with the module supervisor of the internship (Dr. Geraldine Klaus).

Before starting the internship, the position must be approved by the module supervisor(s). Please send an email with the following information:

  • Name of institution, department/area if applicable,
  • Name and qualification of the supervisor,
  • The period in which the internship is to take place
  • The course of study in which you are enrolled, your current semester and your matriculation number.

 Upon completion of the internship, please submit

  • an internship certificate from the internship provider (duration and type of activities ) and
  • a report prepared on the basis of the internship questionnaire (forms for certificate and questionnaire will be sent with the approval).

Submit. The documents will then normally be processed within 2-3 weeks and posted to your transcript.

If you would like to complete an internship abroad, you are also welcome to do so. In addition, please contact the module supervisors for the internships.