Institutions and lecturers

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Every year, we hold events for students, doctoral candidates and graduates of the University of Kassel with lecturers from the field.


Here you will find an overview of institutions that present their field of work and the internship and career entry opportunities there.

Foreign Office

  • Internship opportunities and junior staff development
  • Joining the EU and UN
  • Joining international organizations
  • Lecturer: Ferdinand Jenrich, Department for International Personnel Policy at the Federal Foreign Office

German Museum Association

  • Fields of activity in the museum
  • Changing working conditions
  • Entry routes and employment opportunities
  • Lecturer: Anja Schaluschke, Managing Director of the German Museum Association

German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)

  • Job opportunities to work at and for GIZ
  • GIZ junior staff programs
  • Information about requirements
  • Speaker: Ulrich Heise, Team and Training Manager responsible for junior staff development at GIZ

hr | Hessian Broadcasting

  • Occupational fields in radio
  • Everyday work of a hr program director
  • New working conditions due to new technologies
  • Entry and employment opportunities at hr
  • Speaker: Rainer Götze, Program Director of the radio program hr4 and Head of the hr Studio Kassel

Science Shop Bonn

  • The Wissenschaftsladen Bonn publishes the information service "arbeitsmarkt Bildung Kultur Sozialwesen" (labor market education culture social services)and the "labor market environmental protection natural sciences
  • Lecturer: Andreas Pallenberg, responsible editor with many years of research and consulting experience

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

  • Internship and entry-level opportunities at BMZ
  • Job opportunities in the BMZ environment
  • Lecturer: Dr. Heike Kuhn, Department: Organization, Personnel, Legal Affairs, Auditing

German Development Institute (DIE)

  • Overview of the professional field of development cooperation and development policy
  • Opportunities for students and graduates to enter this field
  • Speaker: Dr. Andreas Stamm, Department of Competitiveness and Social Development


  • Presentation of diverse career fields at Greenpeace
  • Human resources development and policy
  • The lecturer Ingrid Meyer is head of the human resources department at Greenpeace Deutschland e.V.

Museum Landscape Hesse Kassel

  • Fields of activity in the museum
  • Changing working conditions
  • Entry routes and employment opportunities
  • Lecturer: Dr. Martina Lüdicke, Head of the Folklore Collection and Representative for Interns and Volunteers at the Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel


Here you can find an overview of lecturers who regularly offer workshops with us.

Annette Blumenschein

  • Management consultant and trainer for communication, leadership, marketing and creative competence
  • Self-employed since 1995, founder and owner of ATB - Advanced Training Blumenschein
  • Conducts workshops for women on "career management and self-marketing" at Career Service