Practical semester

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  • The University of Kassel is testing the practical semester as part of a pilot project for the teacher training programs for elementary schools and secondary schools.
  • It takes place in the second year of study (3rd or 4th semester) and combines courses in educational science and subject didactics with initial practical school studies.
  • The practical semester is part of the core studies in education and social sciences (module PM) and the two subjects German and mathematics.
  • The internship semester can be completed after successful completion of the introductory module 1a or 1b.
  • A complete semester. The preparatory seminars already start in the lecture-free period before the internship semester.
  • School internship: 5 weeks of compact phase in full-time (with at least 100 hours of attendance) and a semester-long phase.
  • The accompanying seminar and the accompanying events usually extend over the entire lecture period of the internship semester.
  • Follow-up seminar: usually as a block event lasting several days after the school internship.
  • Schools and mentors for the internship semester are assigned to the students by the Department for Practical School Studies in cooperation with the internship supervisors of the University of Kassel.
  • The seminars for the internship usually take place at the university.
  • The school internship takes place at assigned schools in Northern Hesse .

The practical semester consists of:

  • a preparatory seminar, an accompanying seminar and an evaluation seminar
  • a blocked practical school phase of 5 weeks and a semester-long phase at school
  • three accompanying courses (one in each subject and in the core course) For the accompanying courses a separate registration may be necessary!

Please note the registration deadlines!
Registration always takes place at the end of the 1st semester.

  • The  Examination performance  consists of the internship report, which includes the following aspects:
  1. Lesson planning and reflections,
  2. development observations of teaching observations,
  3. a pedagogical topic related to the internship school and the reflection of the own development,
  4. as well as a brief description of the  internship school.
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