Main study phase

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7 modules must be selected from the module catalog in the Bachelor. Not every module is offered every year. The modules are to be chosen from the fields of methods, soil and plant production sciences, livestock sciences and/or economic, social and food sciences. You can decide yourself from which fields the modules are chosen. The module descriptions can be found in the appendix of the examination regulations.

H13 Statistics II

H14 Methods of Empirical Social Research

H15 Communication and Consulting

H16 Event management

H18 Environmental Communication: Communicating Agriculture and Sustainability

H21 Soil fertility, nutrient cycles

H22 Regulation of agricultural biocoeno­se

H26 Renewable resources for energy production

H29 Fundamentals and applied aspects of soil biology

H30 Crop Husbandry and Technology in the Tropics

H33 Agricultural Engineering II

H35 Agrogenetic Engineering: Fundamentals and Advanced Topics

H37 Biodynamic Agriculture - Basic Module

H39 Practical course in soil science

H49 Laboratory methods for qualitative analysis of soil, plant and manure samples

H50 Biodynamic agriculture - advanced module

H51 Environmental impact of agriculture: influencing factors and evaluation methods

H52 Fundamentals of organic vegetable production

H53 Special vegetable and fruit production

H54 Grassland management, landscape management

H55 Cognition processes and cultural landscape development

H59 Climate change and water use in agriculture

H42 Farm animal science - swine, poultry

H43 Farm animal science - horses

H44 Special animal husbandry

H45 Special animal husbandry

H46 Health management

H48 Livestock and crops in (sub)tropical systems 

H56 Livestock science - cattle

H57 Livestock science - small ruminants

H58 Housing design

H61 Economics of crop and livestock production

H62 Business management, controlling

H63 Farm conversion, optimization 

H66 Agricultural and food marketing

H72 Agricultural and environmental governance 

H73 Sustainable management in the agricultural and food sector

H83 Start-up of agricultural enterprises

H84 Direct marketing

H87 Food and beverage as a research subject

H88 Social Agriculture - Advanced

H89 Seminar Sustainable Land Management