Bachelor thesis

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Useful information about the bachelor thesis

Below you will find an exemplary step-by-step guide with helpful information about the bachelor thesis, which should facilitate your orientation. Please also note your respective examination regulations and the module handbook, in which the formal regulations are specified!

In the course of the 5th semester

Which topic could interest me?

  • Find out about possible topics from the departments via the websites or in person. Specific questions or even topics will be suggested. In addition, you can discuss your own ideas with the potential supervisor, if necessary.

Who will supervise me?

  • Professors and research assistants of the Institute of Psychology may supervise and review the thesis, whereby one of the two reviewers must have professorial status.

  • An external reviewer can only be admitted after approval by the examination board. The (informal) request should be made before the registration of the Bachelor thesis. The external reviewer must have at least a Bachelor's degree in psychology.
    External reviewers without a degree in psychology (e.g. medicine) are only permitted in exceptional cases and after approval by the examination board. In this case, the topic of the thesis must have a clearly recognizable psychological focus.
    In the case of an external first reviewer, the research design in the form of an exposé must be discussed with the professor in Kassel before the thesis is registered. The second reviewer must be a professor from the IfP.

At the end of the 5th semester

How do I register the Bachelor thesis?

  • In consultation with the supervisors, you decide on a topic.

  • Register your Bachelor's thesis by April 01 (summer semester) or October 01 (winter semester) at the latest via the examination board using the form  form.

Have I met all the requirements for registration?

  • The topic of the Bachelor thesis is issued by the examination board at the earliest after the acquisition of 150 credits or at the beginning of the sixth semester.

At the beginning of the 6th semester

When can I finally start?


There are 15 laptops in the institute that can be borrowed temporarily for working on the Bachelor thesis. If you need such a laptop, please contact hiwi-ifp[at]uni-kassel[dot]de. The following programs, among others, are installed on the laptops:

  • MS Office
  • SPSS
  • R
  • E-Prime - programmable only in the institute laboratories (INCON building)
  • Inquisit

What do I do in case of methodological problems and questions?

Your supervisors will of course help you with methodological questions. Otherwise you are welcome to use the student method consulting service.

At the end of the 6th semester

How much time do I have for my Bachelor thesis?

  • The Bachelor thesis has to be handed in within 16 weeks from the day of the announcement of the topic (extensions / exceptions: see examination regulations).

What should the length of my Bachelor thesis be and is there anything else I need to consider? 

In which form and to whom do I hand in my Bachelor thesis?

  • Hand in the Bachelor thesis in due time in three bound written copies and once on a data carrier to the examination board (Institute of Psychology, R. 2112: Ms. Braun). Please attach to the data carrier a raw data set of all subjects with a clear designation of the variables or with a file in which the variables are clearly explained. If the deadline falls on a holiday, the work must be handed in by 12:00 noon on the following working day at the latest.

Could I register my Bachelor thesis later?

  • In principle, this is possible (see registration deadlines in the winter and summer semesters).

What can I do if I have not handed in the thesis on time or have not passed?

  • You can register a paper again in the following semester. You will have a total of two attempts to pass the module.

  • If the next registration deadline is too short, please submit a request for a revised registration deadline to the examination board.