Career prospects

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The bachelor's degree program in social work is professionally oriented. The competencies acquired in the course of study enable career entry into the diverse professional fields of social work, for example:

  • Child, youth and family support
  • Health-related assistance
  • Disability assistance
  • Social management/planning, personnel, policy, management consulting
  • Elderly assistance
  • Family assistance
  • Offender assistance
  • Social assistance
  • Social work in specific areas

These fields of work offer numerous areas of activity, such as in the area of child, youth and family welfare, one of the largest fields of social work: Day care facilities (crèches, kindergartens, day nurseries), general social service of the youth welfare office, child and youth work (youth clubs, youth education centers), social work in education (elementary school, school social work), early intervention centers, family education centers, educational assistance (educational counseling, educational assistance, individual care, day groups, foster care, social pedagogical family assistance), family counseling, couple counseling and much more.

There is also a wide range of employment opportunities in the health care sector (e.g. hospital social work, work with the mentally ill, work with addicts) or in the care of the disabled (e.g. early intervention, outpatient assisted living, workshops for the disabled, self-help groups) and the many other fields of social work.

The institutions employing them are various, e.g. youth welfare, social welfare and health offices in cities and districts as public agencies, or e.g. Caritas, Diakonisches Werk, Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband as independent agencies. In addition, there are private sponsors (associations, etc.).

The employment opportunities are good and so are the chances of starting a career for graduates of the bachelor's degree program in social work, especially in connection with the acquisition of state recognition as a social worker/social pedagogue.