MINT at the University of Kassel

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MINT on Demand

Get a taste of university life with our free, individually bookable STEM offers for school classes and interested groups.

STEM research and teaching at the university

Which STEM degree programs does the University of Kassel offer and which professional fields are they suitable for? What are our institutes researching and how do they work together with commercial enterprises? On the following pages, we provide an overview of our activities in the STEM spectrum.

STEM degree programs and career fields

The University of Kassel offers a wide range of STEM degree programs with various degree options.

STEM degree programs and career fields: Read More

Research projects in the MINT area

The University of Kassel is working on current research projects with different focal points.

Research projects in the MINT area: Read More

STEM research as a service

Our various institutes and departments offer research contracts in collaboration with industry.

STEM research as a service: Read More