MINT offers for prospective students

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Are you interested in studying mathematics, computer science, natural sciences or technology? Then you are in the right place.

Info fairs

At various information booths you can get rid of your questions and find out about what interests you.

Information booth at the study and career information days

In February, the University of Kassel informs with information booths and lectures about the numerous study opportunities and vocational training paths. Insights into the content, structure and career prospects of the study and training opportunities will provide initial decision-making impetus.

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The event in July, just before the application deadline, offers prospective students information and decision-making opportunities for choosing a course of study.

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Uni visit

In these offerings, you go to the university and attend special events and/or regular classes.

Lecture in the lecture hall

"Uniluft schnuppern" for pupils and prospective students offers the opportunity to take part in selected courses of our degree programs throughout the semester without further pre-registration in order to get an impression of the atmosphere at our university and the subject culture of a degree program. Simply select an interesting event from the "Uniluft schnuppern" course catalog and attend!

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Talented high school students can attend courses at the University of Kassel before they reach university entrance level and earn credits that count towards a later course of study. Possible in civil engineering, biology, electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, nanostructure science, physics, environmental engineering.

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In the Ori­en­tie­rungs­stu­di­um plus­MINT, you will learn about the various STEM subjects in a two-semester orientation phase, consolidate your basic knowledge and acquire interdisciplinary skills. You will then begin the six- to seven-semester STEM major.

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The aim of the Technology Day in the fall is to show young people possible paths to a career in the field of computer science and engineering. Among other things,­ge­nieur­ar­beits­plät­zen in teil­neh­men­den Fir­men as well as laboratories at the University of Kassel are visited. The event is mainly intended for high school students who have a strong interest in issues related to technical sciences and computer science.

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In this internship at the university, students get to know the everyday life of a physicist. They can expect laboratory tours and collaboration, participation in meetings and seminars, and an introduction to the recording, analysis, and presentation of scientific data.

Contact: Petra Kasper

Upon request, interested parties can receive a tour of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and its 22 disciplines.

Contact: Karolin Gunkel

Study guidance and career orientation

Offers for study guidance and career orientation

With just a few clicks, an individual brochure can be created that provides an overview of the range of studies, interdisciplinary offerings, the self-image of our university and life in Kassel.

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The student ambassadors answer the most important questions about studying at the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. For this purpose, they have recorded interesting videos in which they present the courses of study in mathematics, physics, nanostructure sciences and biology.

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In a series of interview videos, students talk about their experiences at university: how to plan your studies, how to meet people, which living situations are available, and many tips and tricks about student life.

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Offers for pupils

If you are still in school, please also note the offers for students.

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