STEM for all

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MINT - that stands for mathematics, computerscience, natural sciencesand technology.

3D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving sound exciting?

The energy transition, sustainability and environmental protection are important topics for the future?

STEM is fun, arouses curiosity for more, solves problems, according to the motto: Moreideas, new thingsto do.

With motivation, innovation, curiosityand a thirst for action, we can move the world forward a little.

Regular offers for all

The Future Space is a STEM hands-on experimentation room in Kassel city center that is open daily to anyone interested. Workshops and lectures are also held there.

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The Technik-Museum Kassel, located in an old factory in Rothenditmold, exhibits various vehicles, machines and a wide range of other technical instruments.

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Why MINT in the first place?

STEM is just abstract and not that important?

Offers for parents

Are you looking for a school with a STEM focus for your child, information about our STEM degree programs, or would you like general information about studying at the University of Kassel?

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