MINT Hub of the University of Kassel

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Mathematics is only theoretical? Computer science only for nerds? Natural sciences are complicated and technology is dangerous? So it's best to leave it alone? Better not!

Because to solve many of today's problems, such as climate change, demographic development and the sustainable, responsible use of our energy resources, we need MINT - mathematics,  computer science,  natural sciences and technology

On the following pages, we have compiled information on degree programs and career fields, current research topicsresearch collaborations and much more related to STEM. Take a look around and find out how MINT the University of Kassel is.

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Pooling resources, promoting networking, transferring science

Through our work in the MINT Hub, we would like to create a basis for intra- and extra-university networking as well as synergies between the individual MINT offerings of the MINT departments Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FB 10), Civil and Environmental Engineering (FB 14), Mechanical Engineering (FB 15), and Electrical Engineering/Computer Science (FB 16 ).

Pooling resources, promoting networking, transferring science: Read More