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Entry into the core curriculum

The educational and social science core course is a mandatory sub-course of study for all student teachers at the University of Kassel.

As the common core of the studies of all future teachers, this sub-course of studies is a place of exchange across school levels, school types and subjects. Here, central questions regarding school, teaching, learning, upbringing, education, socialization as well as the social framework conditions of upbringing and education relevant for school and teaching are scientifically addressed and reflected upon.

The structure, organization and contents of the core studies are explained in the following presentations.

Presentations (summer semester 2024)

Please take the time to read the overall introduction and the following grade-specific presentations.

Comprehensive introduction (summer semester 2024)

The following presentation provides you with an overview of the core study program.

Course-specific introductions (summer semester 2024)

Elementary School Teacher Training (L1) - Core Studies

Bachelor Vocational Education / Business Education (L4) - Core Studies

Teacher Training at Secondary Schools (L2) - Core Studies

Master of Vocational Education / Business Education (L4) - Core Studies

Teacher training at grammar schools (L3) - core studies

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