Career Fair Meet

The next career fair is on Wednesday, May 10th and Thursday, May 11th 2023 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Campus Center/ground floor at Holländischer Platz and Online via our Platform.

Register in our platform, create your profile and have the opportunity to not only attend online presentations, but also check and match with companies attending the fair - check the platform for the complete schedule.

In order to prepare students for the fair, we’re offering a preparation training - registration will be available at the beginning of the Summer Semester 2023

The companies participating in the career fair 2023 will be available soon!
Check our further events in Winter Semester 2022/2023 HERE

Tips career fair meet@uni-kassel

Do you have questions about the fair? Feel free to contact us via, phone 0561 804 2290 or another of our counseling options.

We recommend the following tips to prepare for meet and other job fairs. In the career portal, appointments can be made with companies for the day of the fair and applicant profiles can be created. Before the meet, special application training and a preparatory webinar will take place in preparation.