Job Hunting Services

For job offers and employer research, we offer the e-journal:

You can access the e-journal via the Uni Kassel library catologue portal (KARLA). Make sure you are logged to the Uni vpn or network to access it. After opening the link above, click on "Volltext" to access all WILA e-journal editions. We also have a printed version in our Career Service Campus center office for reference.

Even though this weekly journal is in German, it contains around 500 new job offers available in English and German on the areas of:

  • Research & Academia
  • Social Services & Psychology
  • Communication: e.g. Journalism, Public Relations
  • Environmental Consulting, Management and Technology
  • Teaching & Education
  • Art & Culture
  • Further positions geared towards those with degrees in the humanities and social sciences

You will find below further job search tools and how to use them. We would also be happy to advise you personally on research strategies.

Other job search tools and how to use them:

Only 1/3 of all jobs that are posted are advertised in job search engines, so you should do broader research. Business directories are a good alternative.

To do your search with this tool, check the steps below:

1. Consider which occupational fields are relevant for you; this cannot always be determined by the industry alone. For instance, an automotive company does not only need mechanical engineers, but also PR specialists and HR specialists.

2. A search by keywords is usually a good idea. In development cooperation, for example, a few typical terms are: junior analyst, expert in ..., field worker.

3. Regional preferences can usually be filtered by postal code or city.

Important to keep in mind: What company size is suitable for you? Would you prefer to work for a small and medium-sized company or a large corporation? Keep in mind that both the working conditions and the application process can vary greatly.

There are countless job portals, including specialized ones, and there are also quite reliable portals as well as some that are not so reliable. It is therefore advisable to check all job portals to make sure that you are considering updated job portals with a wide job offer before you begin to dive into job positions. Are the advertisements up to date? Have there been any new postings at all during the last two weeks?

It is important here, as when working with business directories, to identify key words with which you can get tailored results. If there are no results or relevant results, it is usually due to the search term.

Additionally, it is crucial that before you begin to narrow down your search to the areas where you would like to start your career, you first understand which terms are commonly used for positions in this area. For example, if you are looking for a position in marketing research, key words such as marketing researcher or marketing analyst are most likely to give you better results.