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You can access the current copies of arbeitsmarkt for viewing at our Career Service office in the Campus Center at the Holländischer Platz location.

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Wila labor market

The labor market is published weekly with current job offers from the fields of:

  • Communication, Journalism, Public Relations
  • Education
  • art and culture
  • environment and nature conservation
  • social affairs and psychology
  • Science, university and research
  • Cross-sectional positions
  • as well as other positions suitable for students of the humanities, social sciences and other disciplines.

Approximately 500 new job openings can be found here each week.

Notes on other job search tools and how to use them:

Under Links to Job Search and Occupational Fields you will find further lists for job research. We will also be happy to advise you personally on search strategies.

Job research with business directories

Only 1/3 of all jobs that are posted are advertised in job search engines, so you should do broader research, e.g. with industry directories.

A structured approach is recommended here:

1. consider which occupational fields are suitable for you; this cannot always be determined by the industry alone. An automotive company does not only need mechanical engineers, but also, for example, PR specialists and HR specialists.


2. a search by keywords is usually also possible. For a job in journalism typically terms like: Publisher, newspaper, editorial office.


3. regional preferences can usually be output by postal code or city.

What size of company is suitable for you? Would you prefer to work for a small and medium-sized company or a large corporation? Keep in mind that both the working conditions and the application process can vary greatly.


Job research with job boards

There are countless job boards, including specialized ones, and there are both very good and very bad ones. It is therefore advisable to check all job boards for up-to-dateness and number of hits before you start your search. Are the job postings up to date? Have there been any new postings at all in the last two weeks?

It is important here, as when working with business directories, to identify signal words with which you can find suitable hits. If there are no hits or unsuitable hits, it is usually due to the search term.

Examples of stumbling blocks:

For adult education/educational science/pedagogy, etc., only the specific term entered can be found.
Different endings result in different hits, e.g. Planning/Planner:in or Controller:in/Controlling if an ad says: "The team includes architects, urban planners, humanities scholars" is often hit with each of these terms, although a software developer may be sought here.