Arrival, introductory and beginning of the studies

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You have received admission from the University of Kassel? Congratulations. What will happen now?

  1. 1.Travel and ar­rival

    Before arriving:

     After arriving:

    • Where will I arrive? Will I be picked up?
    • What do I do if something goes wrong during the journey?
    • Where can I go shopping at weekends/on public holidays?
    • Moving into a flat/room. Where do I pick up my key?
    • I need to register with the citizens’ office in the town with a notice of confirmation from my landlord (Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung). 
    • I need to open a bank account.

    • I need to find out about emergency numbers/hospitals.

    Arrive early. We recommend that you arrive in Kassel before 1 April if you are starting your course in the summer semester and before 1 October if you are starting your course in the winter semester

    Starter package (including bed linen)

    In order to make your first few days in Kassel a little more relaxed, the Student Services Organisation can provide different versions of a starter package; you can purchase it locally or in advance when booking your room. Bed linen, a duvet and pillow, cooking utensils and dishes are all available - we make sure that you have all the right equipment at a reasonable price right from the start.

    Rental contract and confirmation by the landlord

    When you move in, you will receive your rental contract and a notice of confirmation from your landlord, which you must present when you register at the citizens’ office. Ideally, you should print this notice of confirmation and have the landlord sign it when you move in.

    Bank account

    You need an account with a German bank to pay bills or your rent. Once you have opened an account (also known as a current account), you will receive an EC card. You can also use it to make cashless payments in most shops and withdraw money from ATMs. If you work in Germany, your salary will also be paid into your German bank account.

    To ensure that you get off to a good start, find out where you can get help if you have an accident or become ill – which will hopefully not happen.

  2. 2.Enrolling

    • I need to complete the enrolment application form:

    • I need to hand in the signed application digitally or by post at the Student Secretary’s Office (Studierendensekretariat). If available, I will enclose a certificate from my health insurance scheme in Germany with the application.

    The Student Secretary’s Office needs some time to complete your registration. You will then receive notification of enrolment in digital form with further information about transferring the semester fees and paying for the CampusCard and the introductory events.

    You can enrol before or after you arrive. However, enrolment can only be fully completed once you have an address in Germany and have proof of health insurance.

  3. 3.Semester fees

    • I need to transfer the semester fees in good time.
    • If I transfer the fees from abroad, I must  take the processing charges into account.

    Students are charged semester fees each semester (covering administration fees, the Student Services Organisation, the semester ticket, the General Students’ Committee or AStA). You can discover the exact amount, payment deadlines and formalities related to the semester fees here: Semester fees

    You should make sure that you transfer the semester fees to the University of Kassel’s account within 14 days of receiving your notification of admission. Otherwise, your enrolment will be cancelled and your place will be given to another prospective student.

    Since bank transfers from abroad are subject to fees, you should transfer the semester fees after receiving your visa. What do you do if you have not received your visa or have not obtained it in good time? You can postpone your application to the next possible semester. Please read the information in your notification of admission and pay attention to the deadlines.

  4. ac­count

    • I will receive my CampusCard once the University of Kassel has received my semester fees.
    • I will receive my university account.

    The CampusCard is your student ID for the entire duration of your studies. It is also your semester ticket and has other functions: it acts as your library card, culture ticket, payment card in refectories, copy card, etc. More information is available here:  CampusCard

    Once you have successfully enrolled, you will receive a university account. It is already set up; you just need to activate it. Your university account is your main access point to online services:

    • your e-mail account
    • access to the eCampus {including HIS-POS, Moodie, etc.)
    • access to the university Wi-Fi network
    • for registering at PC workstations in the computer pool rooms.

    Information from the IT Service Centre (ITS) (CampusCard, e-mail system, wlan, university network, software...)

  5. 5.In­tro­duct­ion

    • I need to look at the "Introduction and start of studies" subpage.
    • I need to attend the introduction week for international students: Orientation Week
    • I need to attend the introductory events during the first week of the semester (before the regular events} and find out about the timetables there.


    Orientation week

    You will learn a great deal about living and studying in Kassel, the campus and get to know many other international students and the Welcome Centre tutors during this week.

    The introductory events will answer the key questions about the structure of your degree course. You will obtain tips and advice about organising your studies and about how the course will proceed. The timetables are created during this time. And you will already get to know your future fellow students and the campus. So: do not miss it!

    You can find the semester dates at the University of Kassel here: Semester and class times


  6. 6.In the first few days

    • I need to apply for a residence permit.

    • I need to register for the courses.

    You can obtain more information about applying for and extending your residence permit at the visa information department (Student Secretary’s Office) for international students and prospective students